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Abdali Defeated By The Sikhs Supported By Historical Evidence


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Modern day historians accuse Sikhs of being biased and writing false historic events when it comes to battles with Abdali. They say that Abdali destroyed Marathas who had three times more troops than him (Abdali) and his blow to the enemy was so great that Marathas could never successfully regroup and organize their army and this Abdali could not have been afraid of the Sikhs let alone suffering defeat. The following sources written by non-Sikhs prove beyond the doubt that Abdali not only lost but was afraid of the Sikhs.

According to the News Reports from Delhi 1759-65

As for the facts regarding Shah Abdali, after the great battle and the defeat suffered by him there at the hands of the Sikhs, the Shah reached the river Jhelum, and his troops fled hither and thither in disorder. However much the Shah took off his turban and exhorted his army commanders to show firmness and stand up to the enemy, no one listened to him, and troop after troop crossed the river Jhelum, and fled pell-mell, like an army without defense or transport. Traveling thirty kurohs in one day and night, out of the terror of the Sikhs, they reached Hasan Abdal. There only did they give a breathing time to themselves. All fled, one by one. In this kind of flight, the bazaar of the camp and Shah’s baggage was put to sack. One man’s turban went to someone else.

This is very important historical document as it clearly states that Abdali was defeated by the Sikhs and his mighty Afghan army was so afraid by the Sikh terror that it travelled 30 kurohs (1=2.5km) in one day and night. Then in 1765, Abdali invaded again but this time he could not do anything. The author of the report says:

Nothing has been achieved [by the Shah] in respect of quelling the Sikhs….as for the Sikhs, the chiefs Charat Singh, Hari Singh, etc., have spread over and established themselves in the territory of – and also the Doab, and do not allow any posts of the Shah to be established. The result is that the shah, accompanied by his whole army and commanders, moves from place to place, and does not disperse his army, so that to date no punishment has been inflicted on the Sikhs, and there appears to be no prospect of it in future as well.

The above quote makes it crystal clear that Abdali was unsuccessful in subduing the Sikhs and he was so afraid that he kept his army with him all the time and no posts by him could be established anywhere in the Punjab and up to U.P. It was only when he reached Saharnpur where he rested and collected money from the Amirs. Sikhs had become the masters and no one had the guts to stand up to them.

Qazi Nur Mohammad in Jangnama written in 1764-65 says:

After marching for three [days] and nights, the Shah arrived at the Chak (Amritsar) on the fourth night.

Re-read the above line clearly. Abdali marches from Lahore and reaches Amritsar on the fourth day which is a distance of about 40km. When he was defeated by the Sikhs in 1764 he covered twice the distance in one day and night. So why would he take three days and nights to reach Amritsar? Clearly, because he was afraid to face the Sikhs and his self-confidence had been destroyed by the Sikhs in his previous defeat. It was the same Abdali who had claimed to have killed all the Sikhs in the world and remarked that Sikhs would not be able to stand up for at least 50 years. But it took Sikhs only 3 years to take over the entire Punjab territory and defeat Adabli. The facts are staring everyone in the face and the sources are written by Muslims one of whom was a companion of Abdali. If Afghan army was so brave and ready to face the Sikhs, it would’ve traveled 40 km within a day and fought the Sikhs the next day but Abdali took 3 days so that Sikhs would leave Amritsar and not fight him. His hopes of conquering India and establishing Afghan rule had been shattered by the Sikhs. When Sikhs came to power, they took back all the territory taken over by Abdali 85 years ago and rejoined it to Punjab otherwise Afghanistan’s border would’ve been next to Amritsar. The reality is this: Afghans (pathans) were beaten, they were kicked out of Punjab, their areas were taken over by the Sikhs, their rule was reduced to what they had started off with prior to invading India and never again were they able to attack and take over Punjab.


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There is also a contemporary manuscript in Grewal & Habib's Persian sources of Sikh history which report a defeat of Abdali at Sikh hands.

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