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Raja Sansi Airport, Free Bus Transfer Service


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To make you all aware that the SGPC provide a FREE bus service to and from Raja Sansi airport and the Golden Temple.

This bus makes three journies throughout the day, both ways.

I'm not to sure about the exact timings, but they do roughly coincide with the flight arrival/departure times. Check with SGPC (somehow!) before making timetable plans.

I was told that details are on their website, somewhere.

I have used this service a few times now and every time there were no more than 5 passengers on the bus. very suprised that people still use private transport (- taxis costs Rs500 to Golden Temple from airport).

On the Other side it drops off/picks up passengers outside 'Guru RamDas Sarai' accommodation block. You will usually see the bus parked along the stretch of road there, clearly marked.

PLease pass this info on to others. It would be a shame if they scrap this service due to lack of usage by air passengers; or more likely due to lack of awareness.

I'll try and get the timings if possible . Though I know that it departs GT about 8am daily.

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Thanks for the info. I think that the reason for the low take up could be that most passengers get met by their relatives who bring along a car or van so they would tend to go to Durbar Sahib using these means. Having said that, there's no reason why people not being met by relatives shouldn't be using this service.

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