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Bhagti During Month Of Maagh?


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Katarpanthis might not like this, but this is what I've heard.

I am not aware of 10 times but yes, doing bhagti during Maagh is considered more fruitful as compared to other months. The reason is that: The day of deities start on the first day of Maagh and their day is equal to 6 earth months. In other words, deities remain awake during their day (6 earth months) and they sleep during their night (6 earth months). Their deities night, bad forces [even these are under GOD's control] remain awake.

As per Baba Nand Singh ji Kaleranwale: Those who remain awake on the night preceding the day of the pooranmashi will attain the spiritual merit of doing one month worth of amritvela. Those who remain awake the whole night preceding the pooranmashi of Guru Nanak Sahib Maharaj ji’s advent to this world will attain the kamai (merit) of one year worth of amritvela! The point is to remain in yaad of Guru Nanak sahib ji the whole night.

Note: Religion is just a discipline (set of rules) in order to attain GOD. GOD (via HIS 33 crore devte) does not discriminate based upon caste, creed, and religion.

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Thats very interesting. In a book about astronomy i read once, the day of the Devtay is from the beginning of the winter solstice until the summer solstice. Because from after the winter solstice the Sun will be gradually climb higher in the sky. At the summer solstice the Devta's night begins when the Sun begins to go down in the sky. From the winter to summer solstice is 6 months.

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