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Would You Sell Your Hair For Mega-Bucks?

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BBC had a article about a kid in Brazil who sold her 5ft long hair for about $5000. The article talks about the market for human hair as a commodity. It mentions taht Asian (read Indian) hair is one of the most valuable because its considered 'virgin hair' ie that which is not treated or styled in any way.

I know that many indian grow and sell their hair especially to certain orthodox jewish sects in Israel.

Got me thinking.....if hair is so valuable what if some yob walks up to you, pull out, not a knife or gun, but a pair of scissors and cuts off you long virgin hair? Doesn't matter if you wear a turban or not. I've seen a many sikh girls with looong, stunning virgin hair.

Just think... we walk about wary if some buggers going to nick our wallet/handbag, mp3 player or mobile or even gold jewellery etc; which are only worth a few hundred pounds BUT what about our hair which are worth a few thousands?????

Apart from the 'assault' aspect Would the courts look at stolen hair in the same way as stolen phone?

Veggie food for thought, isn't it?

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