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Our Distinction Or Uniqueness


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I have been thinkingi s kes and baana really all that needed for regular householders?

Wasn't the idea to have a distinct look and do great things - which is what really the Khalsa did, they worked for Sarbat Da Bhalla.

Aren't we as regular householders the same as any old person with the same desires and wants and running after the same things and the same probleme in our homes - but we have a pug on.

I wonder sometimes if we are just holding on to this Bana thing and have made it everything and have lost the essence of being good human beings.

We put up with being different whever we go and have to put up with funny looks and comments, but for what?We are all just trying to maike a living and pass our lives like the next guy - so why wear the turban when we are just regular gristee's after the same old stuff as the next guy.

Wasn't the distinct dress supposed to mena a higher way of life where you are working for the goog of people and not just rtying to pay off your mortgage before you get your first heart attack?

Am I missing something......................lets discuss brothers and sisters

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Fair point.

I think the faith has become more of a cultural baggage than a way of life for a lot of people.

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