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Prachin Panth Prakash.

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there is some tapes by baba santa singh ji on one of the nihang sites. i will find the site and put up the link

Ok thank u veer ji. I just want to clarify the below passage:

The Guru had instructed him to demolish the whole city,
And raze it to dust after thoroughly ransacking it. (5)
Sortha : Banda Singh had forgotten the mandate of the Guru,
With which he had been sent by the Guru.
He had to bear the consequences for his disobedience.
For preserving the cursed city of Sirhind. (6)
While Banda Singh preserved the city of Sirhind,
He collected a ransom from its residents.
While the Hindus were given various positions in administration,
The Muslims managed to save their lives by hiding themselves. (7)
Dohra : S. Baaj Singh (the custodian of Sirhind), used to mount his horse,
After putting his foot on a Muslim’s head for a stepladder.
He ordered all the Muslim population to be exiled,
From the entire territory of fifty-two villages of Sirhind. (8)
He got the entire Sirhind province liberated in a moment,
Which had a human population of thirty six lacs.
Then Banda Singh assembled the Khalsa forces and instructed them,
That they should rob and kill all the Muslims. (9)
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