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Royal Mail Under Investigation For Racist Letter Graffiti Aimed At Sikh


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Royal Mail is investigating today after a letter sent to an Asian nanny was opened, graffitied with a racist message, before being resealed and delivered in the post.

Guinder Kaur, 33, of Southall, west London, was shocked when she discovered the handwritten taunt: 'Get out of my country you smelly P*** B******' had been added with the National Front symbol and a Swastika scrawled below.

Scotland Yard is looking into the incident, and is understood to be working on the theory that it was probably opened while being handled by Royal Mail.

The letter is currently in hands of detectives, who are currently dusting it for finger prints, but have made no arrests. The employment consultancy who sent the post also say it was opened and daubed with insults while in the hands of Royal Mail, before being resealed and processed for delivery.

'The racist comments were handwritten and we believe they were added to the letter after it had been mailed by our staff since the letter appears to have been opened and resealed prior to final delivery,' a company spokesman said. The victim has asked that the business is not named and she has not been photographed for fear of reprisals.

'I noticed straight away that the letter had been opened before it got to me as the sticky part had come away,' Ms Kaur said.


Hurtful: Guinder believes that somebody saw her name was Asian and took the opportunity to abuse her at random

'When I opened it I was taken aback by the message. It has caused a lot of shock for my family and friends but I am not so worried about it. I have to try to think that it was a one-off and completely random.

'Hopefully it was someone just having a bad day and that's the end of it. They probably saw my name is Asian and just did it.

'I know there have been cases where envelopes are opened and cash is taken from inside but I've never heard of anything like this. I would like to know if it has happened to others.

'I've not had any problems with racism in the past, I have even lived in areas where I was in the minority and there was nothing like this.'


Probe: Royal Mail and the the police are looking

into the incident, and it is believed the letter may have been tampered

with while being sorted (file picture)


Community: Guinder lives in the predominantly

Asian area of Southall

Royal Mail confirmed it is investigating the complaint, after the letter was delivered by one of its staff last Thursday.

'There is no room in Royal Mail for racism or any other form of discrimination. We are committed to investigating any complaint thoroughly.' a spokeswoman said. A Met spokeswoman added: 'Police are investigating reports of racial harassment. There have been no arrests and enquiries are ongoing.'


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as an ex-royal mail employee, i will say that it is very hard to open a letter in the sorting office. There are just too many people and cameras around. What is more plausible, is that a delivery officer, thats postman/woman to most, has opened it during sometime whilst they have been outside with the letter on delivery.

I had been accused a few times of opening letters by people. One woman even phoned my office and told my manager i tried to break into her house.

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