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Water Destroys It All

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I was reading the following shabad on Ang 1240 by Guru Nanak Dev Ji and was taken back by the last line of the shabad. Is that implying how the world will end?

First Mehl:

mehlaa 1.

O Nanak, the mouth is truly cleansed by ritual cleansing, if you really know how to do it.

naanak chulee-aa suchee-aa jay bhar jaanai ko-ay.

For the intuitively aware, cleansing is spiritual wisdom. For the Yogi, it is self-control.

surtay chulee gi-aan kee jogee kaa jat ho-ay.

For the Brahmin, cleansing is contentment; for the householder, it is truth and charity.

barahman chulee santokh kee girhee kaa sat daan.

For the king, cleansing is justice; for the scholar, it is true meditation.

raajay chulee ni-aav kee parhi-aa sach Dhi-aan.

The consciousness is not washed with water; you drink it to quench your thirst.

paanee chit na Dhop-ee mukh peetai tikh jaa-ay.

Water is the father of the world; in the end, water destroys it all.

paanee pitaa jagat kaa fir paanee sabh khaa-ay.

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Yeah back then they thought that they were going to eventually die from a great flood, that one day the earth would be consumed by water. This is because sea level was rising and Dwarika where Krishan ji was born had drowned. Water now covers the land on which the city was built. After the city drowned, they later built a new one near the old one. Anyways because some places had drowned they thought that this would ultimately happen to every other place on earth as well.

So Guru Sahib says water gives birth to everything, it destroys everything and it quenches your thirst when you drink it but even holding such extraordinary power, it cannot purify your consciousness.

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