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Nihung Mahapurakhs.

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With all due respect don't you think its unfortunate that many Sikhs know the history of individuals who belong to both Nirmala and Udasi sampradas, but are ignorant about the history of Nihung saints? Other than Baba Deep Singh Ji, Baba Gurbax Singh Ji, Baba Santa Singh Ji and a few other jathedars of Nihung-Singh Dals how many other Nihungs are we aware of who have contributed to the panth?

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Akaali Baba Phoola Singh ji , Akaali Baba Hanuman Singh ji , Akaali Baba Kuar Singh ji more info on http://www.nihangsingh.org/website/war-intro.html

Any other lesser known personalities? What about Akali Giana Singh Ji? Akali Bishan Singh Ji? Akali Teja Singh Ji? Akali Harbhajan Singh Ji? Akali Darbara Singh Ji? Akali Maan Singh Ji?

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