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Cinnamon Dangerous?


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Everyone should note the following important points:

Cinnamon are of 2 types: Ceylon (soft, more soft in taste) and Cassia (hard, more spicy taste).

True cinnamon is called Ceylon/Zeylanicum and it comes principally from Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Brazil and the Caribbean.

On the other hand the most common used cinnamon is called Cassia (Chinese/Saigon cinnamon) and it comes principally from Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Japan and Korea.

It is Cassia cinnamon which will create some problems because of its high amount of Coumarin (natural blood thinner) which is an anti-coagulant and can be irritating to the liver. But the TRUE cinnamon (Ceylon) has trace amounts of Coumarin and all the old scriptures do talk about TRUE Cinnamon. So, taking Ceylon is NOT dangerous at all. Try to use True Cinnamon if you are using it; specially for medicinal purposes.

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