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~ Questions And Answers By Giani Kulvant Singh Ji ~


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What min does he say that?

At 19 mins in he says it.

This segment starts from 14:55 till 20:22 after which he starts answering the second part of the question about dasam dwar and the 9th door etc.

19:27 onwards

he explains we weren't taught to swear at the devas (prior he said we weren't taught to worship them).

19:33 guru sahib has given us their references (as stories to explain gurmat)

19:34 the guru's didn't say worship them (devas)

19:38 and another thing, guru never told us swear at them

19:48 - we weren't told to do their nindya (slander)

19:49 nor where we taught to do their ustat (praises)

why did guru use their reference, because guru went to speak with those who were familarly with brahma, vishnu, mahesh (shiva).

He goes onto say had guru sahib gone to the west he would have used reference examples of jesus and moses (isa musa).

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