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Teaching Assistant Who Suffered Taunts Because Of Her Excessive Hair Decides To Stop Trimming


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Brave woman, courageous move. Reminds me of bullying 8 year old asthavakara- hindu bhramgyani sage went through when he came to remove doubts of raja janak. He gave answer to so called holy men, so what if this body has eight folds this body is temporary made out of 5 elements, but my atma is sat chit anand saroop and beautiful and its eternal.

This brave woman needs to continue to get more guidance towards divine and sangat of mahapursh. Overall ,main aim of gurmat/sikhi is to -de-attached from body and mind and realize one real indentity joti saroop which is ajar and amar not just de-attached from one aspect of body/mind and attach oneself with another aspect of body/mind that would be redundant and superficial - still within maya realm.

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After some thinking, I have to accept that she is a very brave woman indeed. I can only imagine how she must have been beleaguered by her peers. She has obviously been able to dispel her ahankaar and homa. I can barely go 3 weeks without getting a haircut and shaving. She is a commendable individual. Rab karay ik din oh mainu vee inee takat davay.

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