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Uk Needs A Bigger Army Says Top Army Official

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Uk Needs A Bigger Army Says Top Army Official

LORD Dannat is a part of an elite society who've historically gained much of their wealth through dubious foreign colonialism and slavery. Of course such people from the establishment (whatever his original background may have been) will be unhappy about military decreases - they've relied on fudu soldiers to do their dirty work to keep their advantages and privileges for centuries (not that our own lot haven't played a part in this too!)

Johnny Saxon likes to maintain this narrative about 'national security' to keep people scared and justify disproportionate spending on 'defense'; when the reality is that the army is hardly EVER used to actually defend the country but rather stick its hooter into foreign affairs (usually for some financial advantage) or to try and dominate global politics.

These people need to stop trying to 'punch above their weight' before they get knocked the f**k out.

The only thing upsetting these honkys is the fact that Russians are doing what they used to love doing so much - but can't do now. Boo hoo.

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