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Russell Brand (Uk Comedian) Has Khanda Tattoo?


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I was just watching Russell Brand's Messiah Complex DVD (trying to cheer myself up) when I suddenly noticed that he appears to have a Khanda tattoed on his elbow.

I know he is a self-confessed Hindu - I wonder what this is about?

I bet he's probably studied Sikhi undercover or something?


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He was involved with kundalini yoga which started when he was in LA.

He was even at the 3HO sat nam fest back in 2012 I think !

Whether he was giving some serious thought about becoming a sikh at one time.....I have no idea !... but it looks like he paid a little more than just interest.

There have been a number of celebs doing kundalini yoga with most of them from hollywood scene.

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He does talk a lot about simran in his interviews - amongst other things......... lol

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