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Thinking About Joining Rcmp, Does Anyone Sikh Officers Can Help Guide?


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We be moving to BC shortly. I am thinking about joining RCMP police force in BC. I think its very honorable and rewarding work. I know there are already 5-6 sikhs are already in RCMP police force. Can current sikh officers in canada, help me provide more guidance, does one have to be local police officer in order to join force? How long is the course?

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with my experiences with Punjabi police officers in the west is that they need to suck up to the white guys to feel like they fit in cause they have insecurities and low character and integrity

if you go into the rcmp and your partner accuses someone of a crime that you did not see, would you follow the hidden rule and back your partner up or would you to the right thing and show strong character integrity and courage and do the right thing

most people lack character and integrity and courage hence why when given power their corrupted

google Edmonton police corruption

or youtube some of the videos of corruption amongst police officers in canada

rcmp tazer case were the rcmp tried to cover their footsteps and lied and backed each other up

amongst most police officers the rule is if a police officer abuses his power you act like a coward and back your fellow officer up cause if you show courage and do the right thing then you are labelled a rat

police officers have one of the safest jobs but some dumb people actually think their jobs are dangerous

taxi drivers an truck drivers and people in the trades have jobs that are ten times more dangerous jobs then police officers

and police officers never get shot at or murdered in Canada

from personal experience with police and Punjabi police officers who act like slaves

if your going to join remember to keep your character and integrity cause that's what a Sikh is

Sikh is a man of character and integrity and sikhi preach to work on improving your character and integrity morals over status ego and materialism

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