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Indian Construction Workers Kidnapped By Jihadists In Iraq

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40 Indian constructions workers have been kidnapped by Islamic state of Iraq and Sham militants in Baiji, Iraq. Many Punjabi Sikhs are amongst them. Very Sad news

'Meanwhile, the families of 40 Indian construction workers kidnapped by ISIS in the city of Mosul a week ago gathered at the Golden Temple in Amritsar to pray for the safe return of their loved ones.'

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Goray have made a proper mess with their 'war on terror'.

The fudhoos should have just left Sadam alone.

But Charanjit Singh said his brother called him on Wednesday 'for a couple of minutes' to tell him the workers were safe and that their captors had claimed they would be released if someone from the government made contact.

'He said he and his co-workers from India were all safe and not held hostage,' Singh told The Hindu newspaper from his home in northern Punjab state.

'They say (the militants) will release them if someone responsible from the Indian military or government comes to collect them,' Singh added.

Gurpinder Kaur said her brother told her on June 15 that the militants had promised to free the group 'safely without any conditions' if New Delhi got in touch with them.

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Interesting alternate opinion on topic. Personally I think the women from Fox is on her period...


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