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Define AHAMKAR (Ego) ?

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Aham = "I" kaar = "maker".Ahamkar or ahankar means "I-maker".It is that part of our psyche which promotes seperateness of being.The reason why Gurbani is against it, is because ahankar-sense only causes suffering.Though ahankar thinks it is in the pursuit of pleasure, it in fact only traps it's self in pain and suffering of it's own making.

Through Sri Guru Granth Sahib, a person can transcend this state into real Sukh, real Anand of Vahiguru.

In Gurbani, ahankar usually is written as Haumai or Hau.Haumai means "I" or "Me".Me-me-me.Mine-mine-mine.My this, my that...

"Haumai is a destructive disease, but there is a remedy.

The Word of the Guru can be practised by the Grace of the Lord" (SGGS, M1, p.466)

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One of the central themes of Sikhi is selfless service..............i.e. putting other before yourself.................you cannot be a true Sikh if you only care about yourself...............by definition your actions and deeds are guided by selfishness.....................ego leads to false pride.............this false pride can take many forms.........pride in race: intellectual ability: more money than another......and even the fact that one os less selfish than another.............this leads to real problems..........

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Gurujee said (hay janam maran moolaN ahaNkaaraN paapaatmaa.O egotism, you are the root of birth and death and the cycle of reincarnation(ATMAK DEATH); you are the very soul of sin. mitraN tajant satraN darirh-aaNt anik maa-yaa bisteerniH.You forsake friends, and hold tight to enemies. You spread out countless illusions of Maya. aavant jaavant thakant jee-aa dukh sukh baho bhognah.You cause the living beings to come and go until they are exhausted. You lead them to experience pain and pleasure. bharam bha-yaan udi-aan ramnaN mahaa bikat asaaDh rognah.You lead them to wander lost in the terrible wilderness of doubt; you lead them to contract the most horrible, incurable diseases. baid-yaN paarbarahm parmaysvar aaraaDh naanak har har haray. ||49||The only Physician is the Supreme Lord, the Transcendent Lord God. Nanak worships and adores the Lord, Har, Har, Haray. ||49|| p-1358 SGGS)

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