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Stolen Years: A Memoir Of Simranjit Singh Mann's Imprisonment


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This book will be available by 11 sep 2014

Stolen Years: A Memoir of Simranjit Singh Mann's Imprisonment Hardcover – 11 Sep 2014 by Pavit Kaur

In 1984, Simranjit Singh Mann resigned from the Indian Police Service in protest of Operation Blue Star, the Indian Army operation ordered by Indira Gandhi, then prime minister, that cleared the Golden Temple complex of Sikh militants. Mann was subsequently charged, among other things, with conspiracy to assassinate Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. A passionate Sikh whose radical beliefs were honed by his family, Mann went underground and was apprehended while trying to flee the country. He spent five years in prison, after which all charges were dropped.

Three decades after Blue Star, his daughter Pavit Kaur looks back on the years her father spent in prison. In this disarmingly honest and emotionally charged account, Pavit Kaur documents her father’s hellish journey through the Indian prison system. This is also a personal story and the story of a family during one of the most fraught times in India's history.

‘A fascinating account of how Operation Blue Star turned life for a prosperous Sikh family into hell. The author, daughter of the controversial Sikh politician Simranjit Singh Mann, who spent five years in jail on a trumped-up charge of sedition, says, “Bhindranwale shared an ideology with my father: a separate homeland for the Sikhs”’—

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Simranjit Mann was a senior office in Punjab Police but was working against the national interest. that's treason and not "exercising his political rights".

The national interest was/is to kill minorities, so if he went against that, that would make him a human being. Your people have a lot to learn from the likes of Mann.

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That's total BS! In india various political classes are accused of appeasing minorities. with which country you are comparing India anyway?

I don't need to compare this india with anything. Its a fact bourne out by 60 odd years of agony.

He is grandson of Arur Singh who gave saropa to the 'Butcher of Amritsar' general Dyer in a huge ceremony after Jallianwala bag massacre.

Why should the grandfathers actions have any bearing on the grandsons future?

Remember it was your people who gave their daughters and sisters to the muslims just so they could live for one more day, but we don't hold that against the whole of your people. Why don't they apologise for their ancestors doings? Why are the descendents of these daughter/sister sellers now ruling india? It's despicable that they are born of such low, dishonourable, deceiving people, but yet they are ruling india.

Mann himself has been working against the same nation who gave him everything. if he has any problem where he is even allowed to campaign for a separate nation (!!) and of course give highly provocative speeches against Hindus, then why he does not move to Pakistan or some other country? what else you want from India for such a disgusting human being?

OK, so the nation that gave him everything, tried to mute his basic human right of expression, jailed him on false charges, and tortured him whilst there. This is "everything" to you?

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Mann himself has been working against the same nation who gave him everything. if he has any problem where he is even allowed to campaign for a separate nation (!!) and of course give highly provocative speeches against Hindus, then why he does not move to Pakistan or some other country? what else you want from India for such a disgusting human being?

Why should he move to Pakistan? He is in his own country Punjab, where was born and for the right of whose people he is fighting. His country Punjab may at present be a colony of that artificial legacy of the British called India but his country, Punjab has as much a right to exist as a free state as any other.

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You obviously don't understand politics. All movements especially national liberation movements have ebbs and flows. It might not be as strong at the moment in Punjab but given that the youth especially the educated youth are getting more and more involved in the movement this will change soon. Just as the youth of 1984 were at the forefront of the liberation struggle so will this generation and the next generation will be. When the people resolve to throw out their occupiers and oppressors then nothing in the world can stop them, Just look at Scotland, the people there have the same rights as the English and yet there is now a majority to make Scotland independent. Look at how Punjab is treated as an Indian colony and how Scotland is treated.

You can use all the abuse you want, the time will come when Hindu fascists like you whose hatred of the Sikhs have contributed to the marginalisation of their own community will get their just deserts.

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"accusation against the sikhs"

you have to be really thick or outrageously dishonest to turn the description of one of the serial traitors into a sweeping accusation against the whole community.

well your people did it in 1947 didn't they?

as far as my people are concerned, they are much better than your pompous jats. have there been lowlifes among my people (if i were to accept for one minute your repugnant segregation of two nonh-maas communities going back to the Gurus' days)? absolutely yes. have the Sikhs of khalsa more valiant than their Hindu brethren, probably yes. Have the Sikhs (esp Jats) saved Hinduism or India? you better get your head checked.

are you talking about the nonh-maas that saw a sucession of hindus complaing to the moghals about the sikhs, and siding with the moghals against the sikhs in war? yes your people are soooo good.

and as for tyring to turn this debate in a jat thing? that's not dishonest at all is it?

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this is possible ONLY in India. and here we have a bunch of ungrateful khalis bagging that great country and its people. also, the number of producers milking the terrorism years and so-called Sikh victimhood is on the rise. Rotian sekde aa lashan t

Aag lag gai bahman nu lol Tu na vekhi koi jabardasti nahi.

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Youth of 1984...

world call them as ruthless terrorists who, among others, bombed Air India plane in 1985 killing 330 totally innocent civilians. 1000s were butchered by these terrorists who were routed comprehensively by the Punjabis themselves.

Only an idiot can compare Punjab's political scenario with Scotland. Unlike Scotland, Punjab does not belong to just one homogenous (ethnicity and religion) community. Look beyond small segment of expat jats who have been salivating over the prospects of 'owning' a country. whether over 90% of Punjabi population is in favour of such an idiotic idea as khalistan, they dont give a damn.

Abuse? i get life threats and i don't think i have abused anyone. Moderators would be kicked me (non-conformist) out long ago if that was the case.

Scotland is 20% Catholic majority of who are from Irish background. Knowing a few of them, they are against independence.

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"...siding with the moghals against the sikhs in war"

Do you want me to give you a list of Sikhs/Khalsa siding with mughals and other Muslim zalims against Hindus? It would be v difficult to read for you as the list also include the names of the Gurus.

Yes please, but don't give me the BS written by the english about Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji fighting as part of the moghal army in Assam. It's lame.

But probably the kind of stuff that worms thrive upon.

As far as this "jat thing" is concerned, whatever you do, you cannot de-link jats from the problems Sikhi (and Sikhs of course) is facing today. casteism/racism/chauvinism, female foeticide, undiluted badmashi, supremacism, culture of alcoholism, anti-intellectualism, ritualism/pakhand... you see Jats standing firmly behind all of these.

Ok, please give an example of any caste or varna not afflicted with any of these issues?

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