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Shabad Guru Surat Dhun Chela

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Watched a great video about Shabad Guru discussed by Dr. Satpal Singh

I would highly suggest you watch this video.

Key things mentioned are:
Guru Nanak's Guru was the Shabad that is pargat in all of us (Naam).
The focus is not our physical body and external rituals, but to get our surti (consciousness/concentration) out from the nine doors and to go within and connect to the Shabad (Naam) at Tenth Gate. (Done by Jaaping Gurmantra)

Another video which is more recent but I have not watched

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baba ji hun te kuch hor sunan nu jee nahi karda. from now on i have decided to listen to Karak Brahmgyani Sant Baba Ishar Singh Ji Nanaksar wale or Sant Ishar Singh Ji Rara Sahib wale or read jeevan of Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji.

hor te chaare paase hanera hi dikhda or just go straight to Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji maharaj. bas chit udas ho gya hun.

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Beautiful is the title of this thread by brother Truthseeker.

I was just listening a beautiful shabad kirtan, from the Bani of Fifth Patshahee in Raag Sree Raag, and though the whole shabd is beautiful and blissful, but there comes a line, in which Guru Jee reveals us our true essence as souls, as sikhs, and His true nature as True Guru.

Here it goes:

baah pakarh gur kaadhi-aa so-ee utri-aa paar.

Grasping him by the arm, the Guru lifts them up and out, and carries them across to the other side.

Now let us just pay attention and see the beauty and depth in it.

He is telling us, that, we by ourselves can do nothing, however much jap, tap, poojas, paaths we may do, even any outer rituals, but even then, we by ourselves can never ever get out from this mayavee creation. Because , all these types of devotion we do as manmukhs, we think we are doing it.

The thing is, in real devotion we have to dissolve our ego, our ahankaar, our sudh, our budh, only He has to exist, we simply are not.

That is why, our Guru Sahibans have stressed so much on Naam Simran. It is the only method or jugtee, by which we break the barriers of our minds and place ourselves at His Lotus Feet.

As long as we think I do this or that, He does not come into the scene. But when we take refuge at His Lotus Feet, through the devotion of Naam, then He sees our humility and likes us, He says, now you have become light by removing the weight of the haume of me, mine, mind ....

Then in the next moment, as Guru Jee tells us in the above line, the consequence of giving ourselves totally to Him, is that, He extends His powerful arm and pulls us out from this mayavee bhavsagar.

That is when Guru Jee says:Baah pakarh Gur kaadeeya

The thing and beauty of sikhee is, it makes us consciouss by realizing in a most simple way, our true spiritual nature as souls, as disciples, as sikhs, as chelas, as dhun, and the also the True status of Shabad Guru.

So, as long as we think we are so and so, from here or there, and have to do so and so.... we are bound to remain in this creation, with hardly any spiritual progress.

But the moment we realize we are the soul, trapped by the mind and maya, we shall do the bhakti as per Gurmat, then we shall shed all our outer coverings on our souls, and go in the search of the Shabad Guru who is within us, and waiting eagerly for us, so that we may reach Him there within, and thus He pulls us out from the realms of karma, of pain and misery, from the realms of maya and Dharam Rai, to the realm of Dayal Purukh.

We are not the body, as we shall have to leave it here, it is nothing but a handful of dust ....our real self is the soul, the sikh, the chela, which is in nature a drop of Satnam, and in that Satnam Samundar it has to merge and become the Ocean itself, through bhakti, not otherwise.

So if we never do Naam Simran, how will our soul reach at His Lotus Feet?

How will our surtee, be pulled out by Guru Jee within?

Some may think, I am crazy, I do stress a lot on Naam Simran, and not on other things.

But that is, because we have a very short time, and as per Gurmat, if we do not do the real thing as seen in the Bani of Fifth Patshahee, how will we save our souls?

The path of Gurmat or sikhee, is for the freedom of our souls and defeating our minds, and not for our bodies which are insentient and perishable, however we may decorate and make up them, but in the end it is nothing but clay, while our souls are His essence.

It is our souls which shall merge in Him, and become Nirankar as He is.

And when this is achieved, who is there a sikh, a khalsa, a muslim, a christian or a hindu?

Or who is an american, indian, british or chinese over there?

All these outer aspects simply do not exist there, for which we so foolishly fight and kill, and burn with the fire of haume....

He is not realized by us, by belonging to any culture, class, caste, creed or country, but by putting into action a particular discipline : Gurmat, the bhakti of Naam Simran, taught by our Guru Sahibans and all True Gurmukhs, or Sant Janas.

The relation as per the topic of this beautiful thread: Shabad Guru, surat dhun chela... is described in a very clearly and simple langauge, by Dhan Dhan Guru Arjun Dev Maharaj in His lines above.


i agree ji,

recently i was watching some video's from some well known apparently awakened souls namely ' eckhart tolle' and someone else who's name i can't remember...

in all their guidance, in their tips and techniques they offer to their audience...the penny dropped in their discourse when they both said they had a moment of complete surrender due to a life situation or experience...a moment where they fell physically/mentally and spiriutally at the feet of God - all Ego of Being able to resolve their life situations themselves with their own perceived efforts had momentarily evapourated and in that moment they had the greatest gift of grace....

or in fact, the grace was already there, but that the Ego had dissolved enought to allow grace to be felt/received

In all the videos i have seen of them, i can only recall them saying this 'once' ... when it is of upmost importance...

Surrender to Waheguru Ji's will is key...

The geatest Simran i have experienced is when i literally (mentally) fell at Guru Ji's Feet during Amrit Vela, where i had no solutions for lifes events, no more energy, and surrendering my ego was all that was left. In that moment of Surrendering where it almost feels like defeat (ego feeling like it has been defeated), all possibility instead manifested.

God Bless Ji

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