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6 day Naam Simran Gurmat Camp

First three day workshop covering Japji Sahib and Naam Simran


Another Special invitation to a 3 day seminar about the Mind & Shabad Guru.


Learn the importance of what a marriage truly means (beyond love between two people).

We will discuss the real meaning of 4 Lawaan according to Gurbani.

Concepts covered include: Shabad Guru, how to keep the Mind in Hukam, learning to control the Mind & how to effectively meditate.

Do not miss this wonderful opportunity in not just gaining knowledge, but also DOING THE PRACTICAL!

No registration required, bring your mind.

Will be in English and Punjabi.

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Excellent and simplistic explanation !

I have read through many hours worth of elaborations on 'ek ongkar' given by lots of gursikhs.

They all go very, but nothing beats the simple words above that again emphasize on doing the practical.

I attended the camp for 3 days and it was excellent and mind-blowing at times.

What amazed me was the number of very high avastha gursikhs that were sat amongst us in the sangat..

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