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*help* I Need A Bairagan

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A 'bairagan' is the t shaped wooden stick that mahapurakhs like Baba Nand Singh Ji would use when in mediation for long periods of time. Does anyone have a picture of the 'bairagan' on its own? I remember not long ago I came across a forum thread where a user was asking what the 'bairagan stick' was used for and he also made his own custom one. He included the pictures of his bairagan in the thread but I am having a lot of trouble trying to find to find this thread again. A modern image of Baba Nand Singh Ji's bairagan on its own was also in this thread and I have been effortlessly searching this for about 2-3 nights because I wanted to make my own and this picture was a very great example.

For some strange reason I cannot find it, someone can find it I will be very thankful. It really is STRANGE, the thread seems to have vanished without a trace, I typed in something like "mahapurakh stick" on google not long ago and the thread would come up but now it is nowhere to be found. The user was simply asking what the bairagan was and then included some really good pictures of it later which I REALLY NEED.

If you manage to find them please help.

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I already know of these pictures but weren't quit the ones I was looking for. Never the less thanks alot though, they still give a good visual of the bairagan but there was one specific picture, a recently new one which clearly shows the bairagan only in full daylight.

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