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White Light / Parkash

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i think the seeing of light occurs when the inner eye/third eye starts to activate.

usually during Simran the mind is filled with light of various colors, Purple is often seen when attention is placed towards the third eye, and i think once you start making more progress towards Waheguru, this light start to get whiter and whiter

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Last night I was thinking about ringing sounds and were trying to focus on these.This very early morning,I was lying on bed.I was neither sleeping nor awakening.I mean I was trying to get up.As my eyes were closed,I was thinking about several things.Suddenly,I started doing simran very rapidly.I am not sure whether it was in dream or in reality.I was in different consciousness.As speed of simran raised,I suddenly saw a kind of blast.A sudden light with round circles touched my head.As it touched,my body felt a shock and I was not even able to move my body.I tried to call my mom,it disappeared at the instant.My body was like without sensation. Does it make sense?

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