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Sikh Channel Join Welsh Community Re Attack On Sikh In Tescos


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SIKH CHANNEL show solidarity against racism

On Thursday 22nd January 2015, Sikh Channel will join along with hundreds of members of the Welsh community on the streets of Mold, North Wales in a “show of solidarity” against racism.

The event has been organized in response to the attack on 24 year-old Sarandev Singh Bhambra in the town’s Tesco last week. The vicious attack has resulted in life changing injuries to the Leeds dentist who was working in Mold.

There are approximately three thousand Sikhs living across Wales who form a small contingent of the overall Sikh population of the United Kingdom. Sikhs living in the United Kingdom are a peaceful and law-abiding community who are extremely proud of their ancestors who fought and died for Britain during the World Wars. Furthermore the Sikh community has contributed a staggering £7.63billion to the British economy. The British Sikh community are a well-integrated and productive element of British society however the overall silence over this attack is concerning to the community.

“The Sikh community remain in shock over the incident. Sikh Channel has received hundreds of calls from Sikhs concerned about their safety. But the community feel emboldened by the support of the local community and particularly this event. We are a very strong and visible part of Britain’s fabric, so we appeal for calm and solidarity between all communities. We shouldn’t let the actions of a few ignorant individuals divide us. We encourage the Sikh community to attend this event in defiance to those who seek to divide us” states Kam Singh on behalf of Sikh Channel.

Following an unprecedented response from the British Sikh community over this attack coupled with the concerning absence of mainstream media coverage, Sikh Channel are mobilizing the community to attend the event in order to demonstrate that “revenge terror” attacks will not be tolerated against any member of society.

Sikh Channel is a United Kingdom based broadcaster and registered charity (No.1136163) providing education, entertainment, religious and cultural programming since 13th April 2009. Sikh Channel broadcasts on Sky channel 829, across Europe via satellite and in Canada on Bell Fibe TV Channel 667 and Rogers TV Channel 667. Sikh Channel is available internationally via http://www.sikhchannel.tv/live-tv.

For further information contact Sikh Channel on: (0121) 380 1050 or email at:info@sikhchannel.tv.

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Sikh Channel are mobilizing the community to attend the event in order to demonstrate that “revenge terror” attacks will not be tolerated against any member of society.

I don't think ANY Sikh is talking about revenge. I think astute Sikhs are more about waking other Sikhs to ground level realities, including the "concerning absence of mainstream media coverage".

I live in London. I'm acutely aware of the possibility of some sort of terrorist attack here. It might be small; it might be massive (in terms of casualties). I know there are fanatics on all sides here, Muslim and white. I know a severe attack by Islamists is likely to cause a reaction from at least some deranged rightwing neo-nazi whites. Sikhs want to wake up to the reality that they are likely to be caught in the middle of a conflict that doesn't concern them.

All of this is directly related to British foreign policy in the middle east in my opinion.

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