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Meaning Of Certain Punjabi Words From Santji's Diary


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Could someone please help me to understand the EXACT meanings of "Kutsath", and "Sarbtam" and also the line to line meaning of the following selected text from Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib wale's diary.

Please refer to attachment. Kindly help me!


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let me give this a try ..we have more knowledgeable people who can always correct me .

What Santji means that the Aatma dev is consists of the 5 elements of nature (Panch tattva)

Mitti Kutsath Subhaav hai - This i feel he might mean rooted ..the earth (mitti) is the inert element

Pani Sarbaatam Subhaav hai - Sarv-Aatam (of all souls ) which i feel he means is the common element in all souls

Agni Prakaas subhaav hai - Prakaas is light m which i feel he might mean Enlightenment.

Hawaa Chetan Subhaav hai - Hawa or Air flows and is not stable, Chetan means which has life and moves which i feel he means the Soul influenced is not stable (Jadd - in Hindi)

Akaash Puran Subhaav hai - Not getting this

Agian'ch hoiyaa bhul chukka muaaf karni ji ..

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Thanks Jaikaara veer. But I was more inclined to understand the real/dictionary meaning from Punjabi/Urdu//Persian/Shahmukhi. I do understand the core meaning of what BabaJi is saying, but I need to know the exact meaning from the said languages. Does anyone has more information?


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kutastha: the immovable, unchanging spirit (literally "standing at the top."

कूटस्थ kUTastha adj. unchangeable कूटस्थ kUTastha m. the supreme soul कूटस्थ kUTastha adj. changeless कूटस्थ kUTastha adj. immovable कूटस्थ kUTastha adj. standing at the top कूटस्थ kUTastha adj. uniform कूटस्थ kUTastha adj. standing in a multitude of or in themidst of कूटस्थ kUTastha adj. keeping the highest position कूटस्थ kUTastha m.n. kind of perfume कूटस्थ kUTastha n. soul

sarbaatam means everywhere.. i guess !!


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