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Punjabi Transliterator

Genie Singh

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This piece of software is developed in c# .Net.

The software transliterates (romanizes) Punjabi(Gurmukhi) unicode text.

The software can present the output in both interlaced fashion having gurmukhi followed by it's english transliteration. As well as a simple text output of just transliteration.

The software runs on Windows (7 and above recommended), you may be prompted with a security warning prior to running the software by microsoft just click on more info, and run anway to start the program. The program doesn't currently support right-click context menu. To insert text either type it in, or use ctrl+c / ctr+x and ctrl+v to do cut/copy/paste operations to use the program.

The program is useful in transliterating parts of the Suraj Prakash Granth website seen here:


As well as other Punjabi unicode based websites.

Additionally future features to be considered and perhaps to be added are correction of sihari, bihari unicode issues via parsing multiple times to correct character values, additionally to support further fonts, to support context menu, to support correction in font size, output in various file formats (.txt, .rtf, .doc, .docx, .pdf). To develop work around for security warning issues, to develop progress bar, to develop input text files, to function with webpages, and parse through image files, to utilise dictionary and to correct grammatical features of aunkar, duankar, dualavan, lavan, to remove U sounds when used for emphasis rather than as a character, to remove excessive use of a after s, to remove blocking of characters and many other features. To consider interportable solutions for mac, linux, android and other operating systems, possible web solutions.

Additional features to come will be to convert gurmukhi-akhar font to Unicode and Gurmukhi-Akhar to English roman functions

Screenshot of program:


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i think even google transliterate can.

I can see mentions of such a tool, but it seems to link itself to typing tools to give you unicode punjabi perhaps I can't find google transliterate. But Google translate has limitations in it's transliteration produced.


Here is one limitation there are many more for example if you transliterate the word for moon ਚੰਦ (chand) in google translate it gives you



This program above will give you the following:

- while chnd is still far from chand, it is closer than Cada
Another advantage is being able to view the source code either by decompilation (or future source code release) programs and options for developers to add to.
It is also useful in batch transliteration jobs it can handle a whole ebooks worth of text it may take a few mins depending on your computer resources but it is useful.
Google translate can't interlace either so with this tool you can cross compare the Gurmukhi Punjabi Unicode with it's romanized transliteration.
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