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General Zorawar Singh


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A concerted and focused campaign of disinformation has been waged against the Rajputs and in particular against a Rajput icon by the name of Wazeer Zorawar Singh Kahluria, the Generalissimo of the Hindu Dogra monarch Maharaja Gulab Singh Jamwal of Jammu. Attempts are being made to discredit Zorawar Singh’s Hindu lineage as well as to the crucial role played by the Hindu Rajputs in the conquests of Territories in Tibet, Ladakh, Baltistan and Skardu. The truth of the matter is that the Dogra armies of Gulab Singh Jamwal were comprised of Hindu troops of whom many were of the Rajput order and a special order of Ghodcharas (Dragoons) were comprised of Miyan Rajputs (Nobility amongst the Rajput ranks) many of whom had direct blood relations with the King himself.

Regiments of the Dogras:

Fateh Hanumaan
Fateh Laxman
Fateh Rudra
Fateh Devi
Fateh Gorakh
Fateh Shibji
Fateh Raghunath
Fateh Raghubir
Fateh Govind
Fateh Padam Nabh
Fateh Braj
Fateh Goverdhan
Fateh Lahan Mai

Cavalry of the Dogras:

Dera Miyan Zorawar Singh
Dera Miyan Moti Singh
Dera Miyan Basant Singh
Dera Miyan Khoja
Dera Miyan Dhian Singh
Dera Devi SIngh Balaoria
Dera Miyan Ramkotia
Dera Miyan Attar Singh
Dera Miyan Jawahar Singh
Dera Lala Shiv Ram
Dera Fateh Ali Khan (Pathan)
Dera Muhammad Rasool Khan (Pathan)

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Are these the same troops who razed the Dogra's estates after the Khalsa's defeat in 1846?

Are they the same troops who were begged by the masses of Kashmir to fight the British and Dogras after the sale of Kashmir as they knew what life would be like under the Dogras?

Marshal Zorawar Singh died when the ruler of Punjab (of which Kashmir was just the northern part) was Emperor Ranjit I, who is this Mahraja Gulab Singh?

There is a campaign of misinformation, by the very people accusing others of misinformation, the usual suspects as usual.

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this idea that zorawar singh was a sikh is a recent concoction... dogras were killing sikhs with Mian Dido Jamwal before he was betrayed and killed by fellow dogra gulab singh for the lahore darbar. no wonder your rule was only 50 years long.

Admin note: If you want us to approve your post for future, please remove insults in your post and keep your obnoxious condescending prick attitude post to yourself.

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Shooting Hari Singh Nalwa in the back when he acheived victory at Jamrud over 60,000 Afghans. Or murdering the odd drunken soldier in Lahore. Or giving the wrong supplies to your own side during the First Anglo Sikh war. With bravery like that it's no wonder you have to appropriate other people's heroes or make up fairy tales to keep your ego up!

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First off zorawar SINGH was a sikh. As you can clearly see from ancient portraits and even statues that he followed 5ks and used Singh as last name. However you won't admit, as you will always try to change history to your liking. Even today some actual famous sikhs are described as hindus online falsely. And when the die, everyone gets a false message. Even today, we have 0 say in Jammu and Kashmir. Yet the last rulers of that region were sikhs. During the sikh empire, we liberated western Tibet from Qing dynasty,independent provinces like Ladakh and Leh and many others to make Jammu and Kashmir as big as it is today.It was one of the biggest provinces of the sikh empire, actually all the provinces were huge.Gulab singh openly converted to Sikhism along with his brothers. You can even look this up.He even followed the 5k's as you can see from his ancient paintings and added Singh to his name. He was also somehow a relative of Ranjit Singh. However many hindus say he wasn't a true follower and he still followed hindu rituals because when the British came he got scared & turned the tables on us. Dogras were always treacherous, no matter what religion they are it's in there nature. However Gulab Singh's lineage can be traced down to the more recent Hari Singh. You guys even think Banda Bahudar Singh was a hindu. Lol 

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In January 1841 Sher Singh, son of Ranjit Singh, tried to seize the throne of Lahore but was repulsed by the Jammu brothers. The defence of the fort was in the hands of Gulab Singh. According to his European artillery commander Alexander Gardner:

"The Dogras on the walls began to look over and were jeered at by Sher Singh’s troops, the little fort was surrounded by a sea of human heads. Gulab Singh made contemptuous replies, and roared out to Sher Singh, demanding that he should surrender... With a wild yell some 300 Akalis swept up the Hazuri Bagh and crowded into the gate. Just at that moment, when the crowd was rushing in on us, their swords high in the air, I managed to fire the ten guns, and literally blew them into the air... Then Sher Singh fled and grievous carnage ensued. The Dogras, always excellent marksmen, seemed that day not to miss a man from the walls... we counted the bodies of no less than 2800 soldiers, 200 artillerymen, and 180 horses."

After peace was made between the two sides, Gulab Singh and his men were allowed to leave with their weapons. On this occasion, he is said to have taken away a large amount of the Lahore treasure to Jammu. Subsequently, Gulab Singh conquered the fort of Mangla (near the present Mangla Dam on the Jhelum River).


your sher singh, flaunting flags of mata devi and hanumanji ran from the dogra rajput... 

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