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  1. You people are stuck in past accolades.
  2. Friend on SM told me how he recently met a senior member of delhi sikh gurdwara committee and enquire steps taken by them to handle missionaries. He bluntly told him, "they have chosen their new religion, there is nothing we can do".
  3. Low fertility rate is a problem. Sikhs are actually well below (1.8) replacement level of 2.1.
  4. Japan and other parts of east asia also Hindu devtas/devis are worshiped . They have been incorporated into Shintoism and Taoism. There are temples dedicated to Indra, Brahma, Saraswati, Shiva, Ganesha, Shiva, Vishnu etc in Buddhist countries of East Asia :- http://www.onmarkproductions.com/html/before-buddhism-hindu.html http://videshisutra.com/2013/02/01/hindu-devas-take-a-silk-road-trip-to-japan/ Some good books on this :- books.google.ca/books?id=2et6AgAAQBAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=upendra+india+japan&hl=en&sa=X&ei=fXRWVMegI4mVyQTqt4KACg&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=upendra%20india%20japan&f=false http://books.google.ca/books?id=V7phngEACAAJ&dq=hindu+gods+japan&hl=en&sa=X&ei=q3VWVOWfLcP4yQTj1IC4DA&redir_esc=y … Ramayana as the national epic of Laos : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phra_Lak_Phra_Lam One thing particularly interesting is the reverence for Indra in Buddhist tradition, something that has been been waning in Hinduism/Vedic since Shiva and Vishnu became more popular.
  5. http://www.hindunet.org/home/sikh/rverma/ Check this out..I've been reading some other books on this site.
  6. Thus have I heard: On one occasion the Blessed One was living near Savatthi at Jetavana at Anathapindika's monastery. Then in the forenoon the Blessed One having dressed himself, took bowl and (double) robe, and entered the city of Savatthi for alms. Now at that time a fire was burning, and an offering was being prepared in the house of the brahman Aggikabharadvaja. Then the Blessed One, while on his alms round, came to the brahman's residence. The brahman seeing the Blessed One some way off, said this: "Stay there, you shaveling, stay there you wretched monk, stay there you outcast." When he spoke thus the Blessed One said to the brahman: "Do you know, brahman, who an outcast is and what the conditions are that make an outcast?" "No, indeed, Venerable Gotama, I do not know who an outcast is nor the conditions that make an outcast. It is good if Venerable Gotama were to explain the Dhamma to me so that I may know who an outcast is and what the conditions are that make an outcast."[1] "Listen then, brahman, and pay attention, I will speak." "Yes, Venerable Sir," replied the brahman. 1. "Whosoever is angry, harbors hatred, and is reluctant to speak well of others (discredits the good of others), perverted in views, deceitful — know him as an outcast. 2. "Whosoever in this world kills living beings, once born or twice born,[2] in whom there is no sympathy for living beings — know him as an outcast. 3. "Whosoever destroys and besieges villages and hamlets and becomes notorious as an oppressor — know him as an outcast. 4. "Be it in the village, or in the forest, whosoever steals what belongs to others, what is not given to him — know him as an outcast. 5. "Whosoever having actually incurred a debt runs away when he is pressed to pay, saying, 'I owe no debt to you' — know him as an outcast. 6. "Whosoever coveting anything, kills a person going along the road, and grabs whatever that person has — know him as an outcast. 7. "He who for his own sake or for the sake of others or for the sake of wealth, utters lies when questioned as a witness — know him as an outcast. 8. "Whosoever by force or with consent associates with the wives of relatives or friends — know him as an outcast. 9. "Whosoever being wealthy supports not his mother and father who have grown old — know him as an outcast. 10. "Whosoever strikes and annoys by (harsh) speech, mother, father, brother, sister or mother-in-law or father-in-law — know him as an outcast. 11. "Whosoever when questioned about what is good, says what is detrimental, and talks in an evasive manner- know him as an outcast. 12. "Whosoever having committed an evil deed, wishes that it may not be known to others, and commits evil in secret — know him as an outcast. 13. "Whosoever having gone to another's house, and partaken of choice food, does not honor that host by offering food when he repays the visit — know him as an outcast. 14. "Whosoever deceives by uttering lies, a brahman or an ascetic, or any other mendicant — know him as an outcast. 15. "Whosoever when a brahman or ascetic appears during mealtime angers him by harsh speech, and does not offer him (any alms) — know him as an outcast. 16. "Whosoever in this world, shrouded in ignorance, speaks harsh words (asatam) or falsehood[3]expecting to gain something — know him as an outcast. 17. "Whosoever debased by his pride, exalts himself and belittles other — know him as an outcast. 18. "Whosoever is given to anger, is miserly, has base desires, and is selfish, deceitful, shameless and fearless (in doing evil) — know him as an outcast. 19. "Whosoever reviles the Enlightened One (the Buddha), or a disciple of the Buddha, recluse or a householder — know him as an outcast. 20. "Whosoever not being an arahant, a Consummate One, pretends to be so, is a thief in the whole universe — he is the lowest of outcasts. 21. "Not by birth is one an outcast; not by birth is one a brahman. By deed one becomes an outcast, by deed one becomes a brahman. 22. "Know ye by the example I now cite (the fact that by birth one is not an outcast). There was an outcast's son, Sopaka, who became known as Matanga. 23. "This Matanga attained the highest fame so difficult to gain. Many were the warriors (kshatriyas)and brahmans who went to attend on him. 24. "Mounting the celestial chariot (the Noble Eightfold path, and driving) along the passion-free high road, (Sopaka, now a monk), reached the Brahma realm having given up sense desires. 25. "His (lowly) birth did not prevent him from being reborn in the Brahma realm. There are brahmans born in the family of preceptors, kinsmen of (veda) hymns. 26. "They are often seen committing evil deeds. In this life itself they are despised, in the next they are born in an evil state of existence. High birth does not prevent them from falling into a woeful state, or from censure. 27. "Not by birth is one an outcast; not by birth is one a brahman. By deed one becomes an outcast, by deed one becomes an brahman." When the Buddha had thus spoken, the Brahman Aggikabharadvaja said to the Blessed One: "Excellent, O Venerable Gotama, excellent! Just as, O Venerable Gotama, a man were to set upright what had been overturned, or were to reveal what had been hidden, or were to point the way to one who had gone astray, or were to hold an oil lamp in the dark so that those with eyes may see things, even so in many ways has the Venerable Gotama expounded the Dhamma, the doctrine. I take refuge in the Venerable Gotama, the Dhamma, and the Sangha, the Order. May the Venerable Gotama accept me as a lay follower who has taken refuge from this day onwards while life lasts." Notes1.The abusive terms used by the brahman and the respectful address that follows need a word of explanation. The brahman had just prepared his offering to the great Brahma, his God, when his eyes fell on Buddha. To the brahman the sight of a samana, a shaven-headed recluse, was an unlucky sign. Hence he burst into angry words. The Buddha, however, was unruffled and spoke to him quietly in words of soft cadence. The brahman apparently was ashamed, and repenting of his folly, addressed the Buddha courteously. Comy. It is interesting to note the Buddha's stress on anger and hatred in his very first stanza.2.dvijam, birds. Twice-born is a reference to birds since they first come out as an egg, and when hatched a complete bird is born.3.asantamtipi patho, SnA.
  7. This story occurs in Vana Parva section of Mahabharat and is recited to Pandava Prince Yudhishthira by an enlightened sage Markandeya. In this story, an arrogant Brahmin is completely humbled by Dharma Vyadha (righteous butcher), and learns about all the secrets of spirituality & dharma from the menial butcher. The Vyadha teaches the elitist Brahmin that "no duty is ever ugly, no duty is ever impure" and it is only the way & the spirit in which the work is done, determines its worth. Doing your profession or social role perfectly leads to enlightenment. One may need not quit your job or abandon family. The Vyadha Gita also advises that Ahimsa (non violence) & Satya (truth) are two main pillars of Dharma through which the highest good of all can be achieved. It also shows that high birth (i.e. follies of birth based caste), knowledge of scriptures, meditation, austerities may not lead to enlightenment as was the case with the Brahmin. Here are some excerpts from the Vyadha Gita :-
  8. Afghanistan has been conquered several times, it was only during mughal times that these Pathans started to rebel against Mughals and then later during Abdali they asserted themselves as a separate nation. Before that, Abdali was serving under Nadir Shah, an Iranian. Afghanistan had no identity, it was piece of land that was wrestled over between various Indian and Iranian empires, until Jahangir lost it to Safavid Iranians for good. lol Indians buy into the Islamist propaganda of Afghans being undefeated without doing any research. All of those marauders like Ghaznavi and Ghori were not Pathans, they were Turks from Central Asia who conquered Afghanistan first and then made it their base to launch attacks into subcontinent.
  9. How many of you are aware of the kind of intellectual subversion that is going on in western academic circles ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabir#Criticism That Wendy Doniger lady is calling Kabir Das ji a misogynist, she is a well know western indologist who has been working overtime to undermine other indic traditions as well. And amidst other things, she and cohorts are working to whitewash muslim imperialism in india. http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/interview/scholar-audrey-truschke-aurangzeb-is-a-severely-misunderstood-figure/article7648723.ece Shouldn't we put more effort into refuting such things instead of incessantly boasting and showing off bravado on the internet like maha-moorkhs & manda-buddhis ?
  10. Ibn Khaldun, a great thinker of Islam, on cultural imperialism :- “The vanquished always seek to imitate the victors in their dress, insignia, beliefs and other customs and usages. This is because men are always inclined to attribute perfection to those who have defeated and subjugated them. Men do this either because the reverence they feel for their conquerors makes them see perfection in them or because they refuse to admit that their defeat could have been brought about by ordinary causes and hence suppose it is due to the perfection of their conquerors. Should this belief persist for long, it will change into a profound conviction and will lead to the adoption of all the tenets of the victors and the imitation of all their characteristics. This imitation may come about consciously or unconsciously or because of a mistaken belief that the victory of their conquerors was due not to their superior solidarity and strength but due to the inferiority of the customs and beliefs of the conquered. Hence arises the further belief that such an imitation will remove the cause of defeat.”
  11. Where ? Please point out. I don't deny that I'm not completely free from such influences or taking any moral high ground. Just sharing info with people that might be useful :)
  12. Good ideas from anywhere are welcome. But must be tailored to local circumstances and applied. Lifting entire meme complexes from elsewhere and forcing it with scant regard to Indian traditions, history & complexity will only result in disaster. In this regard, even the "right thinking" Hindus & Sikhs, like the ones in UK who support EDL for e.g., share an innate inferiority complex stemming from their lack of knowledge & deep understanding of how the world works, let alone know nuances of Indic traditions/history.
  13. Evangelizing conquest method historically practiced by goras has given way to more crafty scheme of promoting liberalism, dumbocracy and other isms for export. Notice how many Desis fall for feminism, liberalism, capitalism, libertarianism, socialism etc...it represents a new chapter in our intellectual slavery to the West. I go on social media and these kids in India identifying themselves by these isms, left wing, right wing, all sorts of imported dialectic. I even see our people trying to prove how Indic faiths promote XYZ westernism just so that they can get a pat on the back from saheb. Muslims on the other hand are so clever that they are able to subvert something like feminism to the point that even White feminists will repeat some nonsense about how hijab is liberating, world hijab day etc.. All of those narratives are controlled by the west, and like dalsingh ji rightly noted, the African americans seem to have caught on to the agenda :
  14. People discussing Marathas vs Sikhs, why rajputs are superior, eggs allowed or not, feeling disturbed by sexual imagery in SGGS etc when you (all of you - hindus, buddhist, sikh, jain ) are facing an existential threat. Just another day at Sikh "Awareness". Kinda reminds me of the Romans before their fall. Romans in 5th century: "Jesus is part human, part divine" , "Heretic! His human nature is subsumed by the divine!" Huns: "Give us your gold." Keep living in the past and gloating in something that you had no role in, in the end when it really counted (1947), it didn't matter who conquered what in Sirhind. Taliban & Al Qaeda roam in Pak now, thanks to underbreeding & hedonism by both Hindus and Sikhs in W.Punjab. So what good was your Maratha/Sikh/Rajput whatever rule. Demographics is destiny.
  15. A Christian missionary in 500s-600s In Iran said this: Source : Manichaeism in the later Roman empire and medieval China by Lieu, page 87-88 This shows that Christian use of subterfuge among heathen systems was an old one. Does it remind of you something ? Well let me show you:
  16. Secularism is an abrahamic doctrine, it came from an abrahamic framework. Hence by implication, in practise it will favor Abrahamisms only. Don't judge by the externals (Belief in god etc), look more into what it actually preaches (very similar to christian theology), the psychology, how it actually operates on the ground and why some countries are so adamant on pushing it on others. Here's a good article explaining the Christian origins of Secularism and seperation of church & state: http://www.academia.edu/1549528/2_The_Christian_origins_of_secularism_and_the_rule_of_law A few from Tom Holland http://www.newstatesman.com/religion/2008/11/essay-christian-secularism https://newhumanist.org.uk/articles/4487/secularism-is-christianitys-greatest-gift-to-the-world For those who are into the cult of Dawkins, see this: "I'm a secular Christian" http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/hay-festival/10853648/Richard-Dawkins-I-am-a-secular-Christian.html
  17. Another country which is being Christianized is Nepal , hence such a great push for adding "secularism" in the constitution by foreign powers despite the opposition by Nepali people. Mostly done through foul tricks and paying money to Nepali politicians.
  18. Here's another example of how Secularism was used as a trojan to Christianize S.Korea. Now Buddhists are being mistreated by the Christians.
  19. Contrary to the popular belief, very few Muslims in India marry more than one wife. The real reason is certainly higher TFR for Muslims which is causing their % to increase. Indic religions are falling because they have embraced the secular culture and other follies like hedonism, feminism, other kinds of western-isms etc which naturally leads to a lower TFR. Secularism is a trojan horse, a safety net for Abrahamisms. Ask yourself why all "minority" indic religions like Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Tribal faiths have declined while the 2 minorities (global majorities) have grown ? Even the other pagan, non Indian faith of Zoroastrianism is in decline. Here's an example of American imposed secularism on Japan after WWII - outlawing Shinto participation in the public sphere. Done specifically with the intent of Christianizing Japan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shinto_Directive Here's General. Mc Arthur's letter to Dr. Louis D Newton, President of Southern baptist conventions in 1946 more on this here: https://books.google.com/books?id=v9IUAAAAIAAJ&pg=PA357&lpg=353#v=onepage&q&f=false
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