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How Does The Mainstream Production Of Halal Meat Affect You?


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I ask this question with the deepest respect to the sikh faith and all religions.

How does the mainstream production of Halal Meat affect you?

Everywhere you go, in almost every food shop, restaurant, fast food outlet and just about anywhere that provides food, you either see Halal meat on sale or increasingly you could be served it without your knowledge or permission.

Apart from animal welfare issues, no one seems to be considering the impact that this is having on other faiths or beliefs.

The world is multi-cultural and nowhere is this more evident than in the UK and the needs, requirements and beliefs of all faiths should be catered for.

I am not connected to any organisation or political party but I am just a concerned UK resident who believe in fairness and freedom for all. The UK is a democracy after all.

I am conducting academic research into how the ingress of Halal is affecting all of the faiths in the UK and to this end I have created a short survey on the SurveyMonkey website.

It is a yes or no based survey which does not ask for any personal information and it does not collect any personal data other than any answer you choose to provide.

Once the survey has been completed, it will be presented to the appropriate Members of Parliament for their consideration to show exactly how other faiths are being impacted and giving a anonymous snap shot of their views.

May I respectfully invite any members of this forum who may be interested in completing the survey visit the weblink below and read through the questions to see if you feel comfortable in taking part.

The survey is located at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/X9LR29M

It takes less than five minutes to do and I would like to thank you in advance.

Thank you, Roger Henders

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I simply don't eat at places which are obviously selling halal.

Personally I'm not into the whole 'eating out' thing very much, so it doesn't effect me too bad.

Rather cook something up myself, or go to the small number of (what I believe to be) non-halal places that I occasionally frequent.

I'm under no illusion. Where I live in London there is a greater demand for halal than non-halal. And the indigenous will general scoff anything you put in front of them without any consideration of religious dimensions. So I'm not remotely surprised at the proliferation of halal outlets. There is a MASSIVE market for them.

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