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Britain's Darkest Taboos 9Pm Tonight


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I'll tell you what one of Britain's REAL darkest taboos is:

The fact that they've got disgusting (sometimes murderous) pedophiles at the highest levels of government and a police force that have been doing pretty much f**k all, to combat it - despite being aware of it for decades themselves...

Then the widespread blind-eye turned towards ground level abuse that has led to the shocking emerging stories of girls being abused by the thousand over decades. - including God knows how many Sikh girls.

That family from Hounslow that killed their daughter-in-law are a disgrace and certain amritdhari families should calm the eff down on their obsession with 'keeping up appearances' - but to make out like there is some deep dark widespread problem within the community with this type of stuff is just deflecting from their own dirty dirty laundry - I suspect.

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I agree dalsingh, the government knew about the abuse....I have heard people tell me "it was due to that time" so the 60/70s was when people indulged in rape&abuse and the top rolled their eyes?? Disgusting!!

Moreover, the amount of mullans who have been abusing kids over the UK, MPs trying to keep hush due to political correctness and not wanting to sound racist.

I believe I heard about a Muslim mayor or was it mp who covered police and mullans abuse?

I agree with a lot of your posts dalsingh, this is a great forum for discussion.


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