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Aradh Uradh Mukh Laago Kaas

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Naam abyaasis will appreciate the contents of thiis video.Enjoy.

This pangtis were taken from Ang 1162

He is like the sky, stretching across the lower, upper and middle realms.

araDh uraDh mukh laago kaas.

In the profoundly silent celestial realm, He radiates forth.

sunn mandal meh kar pargaas.

Neither the sun nor the moon are there,

oohaaN sooraj naahee chand.

but the Primal Immaculate Lord celebrates there. ||5||

aad niranjan karai anand.

Know that He is in the universe, and in the body as well.

so barahmand pind so jaan.

Take your cleansing bath in the Mansarovar Lake.

maan sarovar kar isnaan.

Chant "Sohang" - "He is me."

sohaN so jaa ka-o hai jaap.

He is not affected by either virtue or vice. ||6||

jaa ka-o lipat na ho-ay punn ar paap. ||6||

He is not affected by either high or low social class, sunshine or shade.

abran baran ghaam nahee chhaam.

He is in the Guru`s Sanctuary, and nowhere else.

avar na paa-ee-ai gur kee saam.

He is not diverted by diversions, comings or goings.

taaree na tarai aavai na jaa-ay.

Remain intuitively absorbed in the celestial void. ||7||

sunn sahj meh rahi-o samaa-ay. ||7||

One who knows the Lord in the mind

man maDhay jaanai jay ko-ay.

- whatever he says, comes to pass.

jo bolai so aapai ho-ay.

One who firmly implants the Lord`s Divine Light, and His Mantra within the mind

jot mantar man asthir karai.

- says Kabeer, such a mortal crosses over to the other side. ||8||1||

kahi kabeer so paraanee tarai.

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I hate how such people poison their own otherwise good lectures with ignorance. Has this clown even read yog shastar?

I was enjoying his talk. Until...
"This is brahmgian this is not yog shastar" in part 2

"If you read yog shastar, you will not attain parmanand" and then again in part 3. At which point I stopped watching.
Had ho gayi. This is pure ignorance.

There's a small yog shastar anyone can read in about 20 minutes. It's called Patanjali's Yog Sutra. Anyone who has experiential knowledge of Kabir's shalok, read Patanjali's Yog Sutra and tell me how Patanjali is not talking about brahmgyan and attaining parmanand. You can't.


Because Kabir is talking about the exact same phenomenon that Patanjali talks about and gives the same methodology to get there that Patanjali does and warns of the exact same attachments (super-powers) that Patanjali warns of.

It's because of such clowns constantly taking shots at other Mats and traditions that I no longer listen to sikh lectures. Their minds have this poison where they cannot give a talk without putting other traditions down. And I want no part of it.



Where is that quote from Guru Nanak that he mentions in Part 3? I couldn't find it in Srigranth.

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You mean the quote from Sidh Gosht ??

I couldn't find it either and I agree that the rest of the info was good but he was wrong about yogmat and saying that the yogis were ignorant of soul.

btw.....it was the yogis that got to stages where they could actually see the chakras and were able to give us the colors and descriptions.

...and yes....Bhagat Kabirji's references are towards Patanjali yoga mostly.

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