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Quilliam Foundation - Great Muslim Organization To Challenge Islamic Extermist Narratives

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This was long over due- they need tons of these organization especially when muslims have already hit 1.6 billion followers, sadly many of them fell into extremism either that or many are stuck in shariat (intial first stage in dharma)- which are perfect recruiters for radicals as they are more prone to drawn to radicals/exploited by radicals as needle is drawn to mass magnet.

Which leads me to question does hindu, sikh organizations have something like this to tackle within right wing extremist agenda/narratives spread by fanatics within the community out in west?

I certainly hope one day Sikhs get one, they will win great public support, most public are afraid to say anything but once there is organization which talks about concerns which resonates with wider public in the community, public will support them. We seriously do not need to go through route of denial/brushing issues under the carpet many muslims did through for centuries until finally they realized there are issues in the community.

Anyway take a look, its pretty neat.

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Thing is, western nations themselves commonly fail to face up to the way their own foreign policies and meddling abroad plays a MASSIVE factor in the growth and expansion of Islamist fundamentalism. The consequences of playing king makers in the mid-east are obvious to see. What we see happening today to minorities like Yazdhis or Arab/Northern African Christians, who've been living in those regions for many, many centuries but now face the overt threat of brutal violence IS a direct consequence of destabilising effect foreign interventions can have. White man know this, but deny it.

I'd say as Panjabis, we know this scenario from partition. There is something about Anglo-centric ideas that seem to lead to polarisation between groups and then violence and long standing animosity. And like they did to us, they just walk away when the going gets tough usually leaving a bloodbath in their wake. This complex of being 'saviours' and the bullshit about wanting to push democracy abroad for the greater good isn't fooling anyone, especially when in the next breath you are cosying up to despots (like the Saudis), when it suits your financial objectives.

Then we have issues at ground level in western nations too, especially with integration and the alienation felt by sections of the communities allied to the ones who've been destabilised (usually a religious affiliation). This plays a big part in tipping people over the edge into fundamentalism, where they decide to leave and join jihadis. The amount of people trying to 'flee' the UK to go to Syria should be an embarrassment to the UK.

The amount of Muslims I've met, who are desperately trying to leave England by doing teacher courses so they can go to Dubai or Saudi is indicative.

Yeah, as Sikhs we know all about Islamic fundamentalism from our ithihaas, but the way certain western nations go on - feeds this, foolishly turning it into a raging, uncontrollable fire.

Under these circumstances groups like Quilliam are like using your fingers to stop a dam cracking up and flooding us.

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