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This Is Awful- Young Sikh Boy Assualted By Racist Bully/religious Extremist

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Absolutely disgusting, racist bullying/bullying is new form of extremism, I suspect this is religious extremism as well. I hope these goat cowards are charged with aggravated deadly assault on amritdhari pupil by police. For sikh, kesh is organ same as alive beating heart. I will move this thread Sikhs against global extremism shortly.
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Great news, racist extremist cowards, goat culprits have been found. I hope these people have learnt a lesson not to demonize/terrorise/abuse others on basis of sikh religion, and do beadhi of kesh- Sikh living organ. I love how they are touching the feet of young amrtidhari pupil they abused. Great precedence for other cowards who is attempting to pick on vulnerable


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