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Why Does Mind Keep Forgetting Waheguru ?

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It requires initial rigorous meditation but more importantly deep inquiry vichar effort to disengage from old habits to have the mind in empty space where reality- unbroken liv(current) of shabad dhun/shabad gyan-awareness/knowledge can assert/ reveal/express itself in sun samadhi-afor samadhi via this body.

In absolute reality which is here and now, self remembrance is already happening in its natural state so we don't have to try so hard in order to get to its it just we have get in habit of doing vichar all the time-deep inquiry all the time which helps remove ignorance/thoughts via vichar and be in the empty space to let ~Absolute reality consume us~ rather than this conditioned egoic mind try to consume absolute reality which brings lot of its own conditioning,aims,desire to experience and personal egoic dramatic story.

In reality, seeking is god, seeker is god, whats being seeked is also god.... its literally god seeking god in its expression, its reality waking up to itself or trying to in very natural and spontaneous way any self centered effort which is made happens to hinder the process with all of this extra baggage which is not needed not help it just take it easy in empty space and relax watch as witness consciousness drama/expression unfolding by itself :P

Below is ultimate truth right here- bit about through his creation, vahiguru is expressing itself.


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