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Dr Gurnam Singh Highlighting Issues Including Extremism Issues Within Uk Sikh Community

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Time to do case study, find out root cause, have website dedicated to prevent extremism, providing step by step de-radicalization process, lectures, de-toxification lectures power points for example- proper contextualization of rehitnamas, speeches of leaders, hakumnamas reiterating importance of panj pyares chivalry - taking decisions within legal framework rather than individuals taking actions or law in their own hands. In this area, we need huge work and improvement as its hardly been touched.

I am in the process of inviting dr gurnam singh ji here, hopefully he can also provides us input.

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Guest Dr Gurnam Singh

I think it is important that we develop an evidence base to this problem to avoid the whole of the Sikh nation being tarnished with the label of extremists. The reality is that all groups have their challenges and the extremists form a very small but loud minority. Most of the suffer from some kind of delusions, sometimes induced through propaganda or simply personal psychological issues. Therefore most can be dealt with through education and counselling.

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