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Singh Uses His Turban To Save Life Of Bleeding Victim In New Zealand


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This is amazing news. This singh have gurmat sidhant of dya (Dhual dharam ka poot) so seamless in the head that he didn't even think twice, he understood dya intrinsically in action than wrapping his head around concept of dya.

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Guest ragmala believer

This will increase the confidenc of the singh as well help in progress in his Sikhi.

Maharaj does kirpa in mysterious ways!

Baba ji is keet te vee dya karo !

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I cannot believe some sikhs are criticizing him for committing beadhi for not wearing another dastar under neath for taking off his dastar..seriously? This is where you want to know the draw clear concise line between karam kaand/dogmatic mindset and real practical mindset of turning physical symbolism into serve help. Sikhi is practical religion.

Dude don't you know? every Sikh is supposed to be a magician.

We should all be able to do this at any given time.


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