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  1. You are fundamentally wrong in your understanding about Sikhism and it's origins. Sikhism is a revival rather than reform. You need to get some historical context as well. You may perhaps not understand which would unfortunately toss your hard earned 'intellectual knowledge' out.
  2. If you have a 'neutral' stand why bother even commenting ...
  3. That is a question that is being asked by the local Sangat there. Whoever is responsible for this.
  4. Not an atheist, then you have some heavy bias towards Indian law enforcement. They still have a long way to go before they clean up their act and prove themselves. The encroachments you are talking about are deliberate, by the people who do the encroachment. What happened at SeesGanj Sahib was deliberate also but by the political or other fanatical powers at play. See the difference?
  5. OK. So an atheist? Just curious why you are calling this a 'simple dispute'? If your 'law & order' were clean and following court orders why did they show up early. Your 'law' has failed already.
  6. These are all cases of extreme fear and/or guilt, bhoots are all within the realms of human mind. It's the mind playing games. In modern medical terms this would be classified as some 'mental condition'. You guys should be knowing better. Do not promote such stupid things unless you are one.
  7. 250 years on, Battle of Panipat revisited January 13, 2011 16:55 IST Colonel (Dr) Anil Athale (retd) recalls how the Battle of Panipat, 250 years ago, changed the history of the Indian subcontinent for the next century and half. The doyen in the field of military history, Dr Srinandan Prasad underscored the importance of this field. According to him, wars are an acid test of the economic, social, technological and moral strength of a nation. On the other hand the result of wars affects all fields of human endeavour. History of nations can well be understood a
  8. @BhagatSingh is a rat here with some agenda. People please be vary. I have been monitoring his posts. I am not sure if anyone here feels the same, but I surely do. As for you bhagtu - Keep yapping . Tere tagde chittar pein wale aa ...
  9. http://sikhchic.com/article-detail.php?cat=21&id=6100 The Pot Calling The Kettle Black: Modi’s RSS Endorsed, Supported & Participated In 1984 Genocide SHAMSUL ISLAM EDITOR’S NOTE It was bound to happen sooner or later. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a new approach to deflecting worldwide alarm over his government’s fomenting communal tensions in India and the atmosphere of intolerance it has been fostering in order to further the Hindu fundamentalist agenda being put forward by his party, the BJP, and the RSS, of
  10. What lead pinky to become a mona? Success corrupts even the best.
  11. But they need to realize that with anything good on social media they will have a good number of followers (any) and that would add to their responsibilities on what they say and promote. BBC stunt was great.
  12. Basics of Sikhi are doing some really commendable seva. But recently it seems that they are getting into victim hood mode/philosophy. Totally in contrast with Chardi Kala. I don't agree with their #SikhLivesMatter propaganda. Yes, Sikh Lives do Matter but not in the way they are preaching. They should have rather called it #LongLiveSikhi or something on those lines to generate a positive vibe.
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