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Hidden Secrets Of Samadhi State

PAL 07

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This is what sant/mahapursh do, kote paap are cleansed by just being in their presence.

It is like osmosis - things move from high concentrations of it to low concentrations of it. So when a devotee, who is full of paap touches the charan of a Sant Mahapursh then the Sants kumai goes towards the devotee and the devotees bad karm goes towards the cleansed soul.

People are very critical of touching a sants feet, but it is of no advantage to the sant, they get nothing out of it, yet the devotee is greatly rewarded, kote karm are washed away. Those who have attached themselves to such souls quietly reap the benefit and progress the path of Guru Nanak.


One point about the above video, you would thing that someone would take the guy to one side and teach him how to correctly pronounce Bhagwan, and not as 'Bagga-van' :-)


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Guest PAL 07

what struck me spiritually from the first time watching this video is the dire situation of people like me and humanity as a whole who are sectioned by the evil sinful karma we enact

many true Maharishi is free from the bondage of karma 

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Oh that type of head shake happens when I relax very deeply. Strangely at this point, my body wants to push back in to a less relaxed state. it doesn't want to relax and wants to be in some kind of stress! So when it does that, and the deep relaxation stops, this type of oscillating stops as well.

Really cool vid dude!

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wow amazing stuff, shows the importance of being in the presence of great beings, touching their charan and get blessings :)

I noticed many mahapurash use a stick while walking, esp the ones who did lots of tapasya like Sant Ishar Singh Ji rara sahib, Baba Nand Singh Ji, Baba Ishar SIngh ji kaleran to name a few.

Dhan Dhan All the Mahapurakhs!

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Guest PAL07

If you look at the sun directly and focus upon it until you begin seeing the sun as a round circle then you begin to notice that this circle is continuously moving.  It's like the physical sun cannot contain the secret power of the sun and it is constantly flickering just like a candle light 

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Guest Karma

We are bound by the law of karma and our previous life accounts 

when when all the karma is extuingished and we have sown enough good attributes then the physical laws of the universe allow the human to enter into the atma 

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