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What Gurbani has to say about Depression or Vairaagya... ?

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SSA to All

Well... I am in a depressed state of mind today... sometimes kind of hate my job... people I have to putup with... the red tapism... the helplessness under the circumstances... fellow collegues eating into your roots... mercilessly deploring any initiatives... I don't know but I am feeling sick of all this... but I also know that I have nowhere else to go... But one more thing : it is sure that I don't want to become like those jerks who go lower their dignity for some materialistic gains...

Is Depression equivalent to Vairaagya...? What Gurbani has to say about Depression or Vairaagya... And how to recover from it?

Help me to recover from lower sprits... this slumber...

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Depression = dark, self-repressed state of mind

Vairaag = dispassion

Depression is brought on by being affected by negative life situaltions and keeping feelings inside and not expressing them.

Bairaag is when negative or positive life situations have no affect to the inner-man.Bairaag comes about by Naam simran, and souldn't be brought on by force, this will lead to mental collapse.

Naam simran first, and everything comes naturally afterwards. :D

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Gurbabni also teaches us to do good and never expect anything in return (aasaa mansaa sagal ti-aagai jag tay rahai niraasaa.who renounces all hopes and desires and remains desireless in the world; kaam kroDh jih parsai naahan tih ghat barahm nivaasaa. ||2||who is not touched by sexual desire or anger - within his heart, God dwells. ||2|| p-633).

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