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The Deeper Meaning of the Ambrosial Hour

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Good stuff.

Experiencing the universal central point in any duality is the key to spiritual attainment.

Our complete existence is about this and all schools and faiths, have this is common theme that is often not understood. 

Two opposites that can exist in equal harmony and the points where they merge are where the divine Truth exists.

The Yin and Yang symbol is an example since it shows black/white. The line where there is neither black or white, is the sacred truth. Same goes for khanda with miri piri. The line of Truth is the central sharp blade edge on which a Sikh aims to be walking. Walking on this very thin line is walking in hukam..

Black/white, Day/Night, Positive/Negative, Yes/No, North/South, Good/Evil, Still/Moving...etc.    is operating constantly in all existence. 

If we were to look really deeply into all these aspects, we would be able to understand the sacred advait(non-dual).

The above video made me realize that amrit vela is also a time that will be peaking with divine non-dual energy. Angelic and perfect time to wash our mind's filth.



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