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Visiting a Gurudwara

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3 hours ago, MysticMonist said:

On Sunday I'm visiting a Gurudwara! I'm very excited. I let them know I was coming.

Is there anything I need to know beyond common courtesy (dress nicely with dress shirt and tie, turn off my phone and don't disrupt during the service, say thank you, etc)?



Here are a few pointers:

Remove your shoes

Cover your head, bandana will do (no hats, caps). If you're feeling brave try a turban lol!

Wash your hands

Make sure your feet are not pointing towards the focal point i.e The Guru (or any religious imagery etc)

Although many non-Sikhs do not greet the Guru by bowing down, you should really. For example when you meet royalty across the world, there is protocol in how you greet them. This applies to Guru Sahib as well. Here's a picture of roughly what the correct procedure is:

Correct Matha Tek.jpg

Give a small (anonymous) monetary donation, how much ever you feel comfortable with. Even 1 Pence will do.

Accept communion (Karah Prasaad), which is universal in Sikhi. Ask for a little if you are unsure.

Take in the atmosphere!

Try to have langar (free meal), again take as much as you need.

The tie is not necessary, in fact I would leave it off. I have been asked to remove it when having a prayer recited for me in the past. Although it's up to you, there's nothing barring you from wearing one per se.


Come back again!! The Guru's house will always be open to you!! :)



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