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Types of Lions

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17 hours ago, paapiman said:

Has anyone come across the four types of lions mentioned in any historical texts?

  • Kehri Sher
  • Sardool Sher
  • Babbar Sher (Lion)
  • Sher (Tiger)


Kehri and Sardool lions are way more powerful than a Lion or a Tiger. What are these animals? Are they extinct now?


Bhul chuk maaf

Veer ji i found a mention of Durga Chandi the lion she sits on mentioned at 08:30 onwards by Gyani Thakur Singh regarding the Chandi Durga in Gurmat

http://gurbaniupdesh.org/multimedia/04-Katha/13-Giani Thakur Singh Ji (Patiala Wale)/Katha Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji/CD10(Ang0748-0885)/0842-Ang-0874-Pankti-13.mp3

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16 hours ago, H908 said:

Ive come across them as well.

theyre not special species but just relate to size and strength

But we know that there are different types of lions (Babbar Sher) and tigers (Sher). My guess is that may be the other two types were like, what Mammoths are to present day elephants, but are extinct now.


Bhuk chuk maaf

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