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“Knowing Is Not Enough; We Must Apply. Wishing Is Not Enough; We Must Do.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

This one line of the author above, has a very deep meaning if seen in the right perspective.

We all know much of Gurbani, we memorize the Banis by heart, but yet as seen above, that is not enough.

For knowing only by itself leads us no where, we MUST apply what the Banis tell us in each and every verse.

By just reading the prescription.... We do not get any recovery, no matter even if we read it a  thousand times...

It is only when we take the medicine as per the prescription, we can get cured.

And in Gurmat, the medicne is His Nam.

Also,  our biggest malady is haume, and due to this haume, we are trapped into manmat/agyanta, which induces us to remain engaged in  the painful chaurasee ka chakar

The Bani says:  Prabh ka simran  mun kee mael jaae .... Brothers, it is only when we do His Simran as per clear instructions in the Bani, that our agyanta will be removed, and once this agyanta is removed just as rust on a piece of iron,  we shall regain our purity and  gradually start getting closer to Him, just as a piece of iron towards a magnet.


Then, wishing only to be with Waheguru is not enough again. For that, we must do something.

So we may ask what to do now?

The answer again leads us to what the Bani constantly stresses upon, His chintan, His simran. 

In that respect, the Bani clearly tells  us: Jin Har japeeya(simran), se Har hoeeya.

Guru Sahiban and Bhagat jan left the Bani for us, in order to see His apaar mahima and then to strongly  love Him though His bhakti of His Simran, in order to  get purified from all our negatiivity, such as karmas, paaps, vikaras, sanskars .... in order to fill ourselves with the Amrit of His Nam, for the only purpose of merging our surtees in Him and become one with Him.

No matter what the world does or says, it is the Sat Bachans of Guru Sahiban which alone count,  for  that is the  timeless Supreme Truth.

That is His Beant wadeeayee.




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How and what to do bhakti of


the benefits of that bhakti as per  instructions from Guru Jee



ਦਿਨੁ ਰੈਣਿ ਨਾਮੁ ਧਿਆਇਦਾ ਫਿਰਿ ਪਾਇ ਨ ਮੋਆ

Dhin Rain Naam Dhhiaaeidhaa Fir Paae N Moaa ||

Night and day, meditate on the Naam, the Name of the Lord. You shall never again die.


ਜਿਸ ਤੇ ਉਪਜਿਆ ਨਾਨਕਾ ਸੋਈ ਫਿਰਿ ਹੋਆ ॥੨॥

Jis Thae Oupajiaa Naanakaa Soee Fir Hoaa ||2||

And the One, from whom we came, O Nanak, into Him we merge once again. 

Raag Basant Guru Arjan Dev


In the above 2 verses of Panchvee Patshahee, He is revealing us the real value of bhakti and its consequences in simple and clear words.

First He says: we must devote ourselves to Nam alone, that also not as something irrelevant and done ocasionally, but rather as the only means of His devotion. That also, as much as possible all day and night.

We do not have to do it to fill some extra boxes after doing any other practices throughout the day, but rather, only His meditation as much as possible be it day or night, or even the whole day if possible...

Then He tells us, that if we could only do that type of devotion, by His grace we shall merge into the One, from whom we originated, namely Waheguru Akal Purukh.

Gurbani gives us true lessons of spirituality, to grow and mature into the divinity of the highest level, but what a pity seeing how only some few jeevas do follow it faithfully and implicitly.

It is true, that to some, He engages in His true bhakti, but yet that much is also true, He has given us Gurbani  in equal measure to all , in order live accordingly to it,  thus to invoke His grace, and also get transported from this side of the mayavee creation, to the other shore of  eternal Truth and bliss, namely Sach Khand.

Stay blessed.





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                     Simran, the doorway to His abode .

Part 1-2


Have we ever asked ourselves, what is the purpose of any spiritual practices we or anybody perfoms.... Those vey practices which we have been watching different people of different religions and nationalities  perform so faithfully and diligently ....

Most will say, we want to get nearer to the Lord, so we do so and so to become pure and wash our sins ....

The thing is, we see so many things been done, that many get confused with so much variety as per where to look and what to do, or which one is better , then so many will try to convert others, or some will say I respect your faith but mine is better for me.

This variety of thoughts and practices, produces fanatism, creates conflicts and hatred among  different communities, to the extent that, attrocities are commited on fellow human beings.... utter madness.

Even among the so called believers of a same community, there are different of opinions as per what or which method to be put into practice in order to progress towards the goal.

In summary, all that is due to agyanta or manmukhta, meanwhile,  life passes at the speed of an eyeblink, and then at the end of our life, we are lost, we have not even moved a step towards Him, for we have done everything, but when it comes to real spiritual practice,  we have done nothing, we are zero as in our begining, naturally not in the eyes  of the people, for which we maybe  some type of a "hero", a leader ....

But, have we ever stopped to see what  Guru Jee as an authentic and valid authority in spiritual matters has to say,  for we may get emabrassed and feel a bit ashamed, if we come to know what He says in this respect.

For example, in the following just one verse of  Guru Jee, the goal of real spirituality is revealed in simple words, without any lefts or rights... it is just amazing, the depth, the clarity, the grace, contained in Their  sat bachans.

Here it goes, Raag Sarang Sree guru Ram Das Maharaj:

ਹਰਿ ਰਾਮ ਬੋਲਿ ਹਰਿ ਰਾਮ ਬੋਲਿ ਸਭਿ ਪਾਪ ਗਵਾਧੂ

Har Raam Bol Har Raam Bol Sabh Paap Gavaadhhoo ||

Chant the Name of the Lord, chant the Name of the Lord. It shall rid you of all your sins.


So here Guru Jee  is saying that,  it is only by chanting/jaap/meditating on His name, that our sins can be washed.

Once the rust of our sins are washed away, the mind looses control over the jeev atma, then the soul is totally purified,  and it speeds like a bullet shot, towards  its goal Waheguru Akal Purukh, with the acceleration of His grace at all times.

While we humans tend to create divisions and variety at all levels, including spiritual wise,  He, says only one thing to be done and practiced as seen above in His Sat Bachan, irrespective of color, size, gender, caste, creed or nationality.... for in His Darbar, nothing of this matters at all.

There, only  purity and faithfulness to the Sat Bachns count,  for the only purpose of merging in Him.

Such is His mahaanta, His beant wadeeayee.


At other place Guru Jee insists in His Jaap/simran/meditation until our very end. He says:

ਭਵਜਲੁ ਜਗਤੁ ਨ ਜਾਈ ਤਰਣਾ ਜਪਿ ਹਰਿ ਹਰਿ ਪਾਰਿ ਉਤਾਰੀ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉ

Bhavajal Jagath N Jaaee Tharanaa Jap Har Har Paar Outhaaree ||1|| Rehaao ||

I cannot swim across the terrifying world ocean. But chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, I am carried across across.

Once again, He says  that chanting His Mane, one gets purified from all sins, then too, by chanting His Name of Har Har, one is carried across across.

when one hears such sat bachans, one just gets silenced and remains speechless, and deeply abosored in them ...

Stay blessed.



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Simran, the doorway to His abode .

Part  2-2

Whenever we are doing something and get stained, on our face , hands, or any other part of our body, we do hurry and try to remove it  by washing  it away.

What about if we are stained and those stains are not visible, or we are not consciouss about?  The answer could well be that one may not do anything, yet that does not imply we are clean; it is only that we are not aware of them....

So when Guru Sahiban, throught the  Bani, when they point us, to do His Simran, in order to get cleansed and purified,  for the purpose of our union and merging in Him as the last step of that sacred process called Simran, why do we still fail in doing so? 

Maybe, we are not convinced of their sat bachans, there is still shankaa in us, or we just take it lightly, and prefer to do other things as real bhakti, for that is what we believe is right or even could say practical or convenient for us.

And we could well spend quite a few hours even in doing those practices, and in the end have a high feeling of such as  :  Yeah, today I have done something and getting nearer to my goal.

We have read in Sukhmani Sahib, where Guru Jee tells us : Prabh ka Simran man kee mael jaae.  And throughout the  Bani, Nam simran, is the only way to wash our sins, and reveal the Shabad or the Anhad Naad within us.

The thing is, as said above, we all carry  countless number of karmas,  being gathered since we left our abode of Sach Khand, and still adding more into our karmic account, so naturally the number never diminishes.

So when Guru Jee tells us to His Simran as means of real Bhakti, above all other futile practices, there is total gyan  in it, total rationality in their words.

They have stated many times, Nam or Shabad is the only Truth, and this Nam is the only power to sudue the mind and wash all our impurities.

But the thing is,as  we see nothing, we feel nothing so we do not feel doing what Guru Jee tells us to do indeed.

Nam is within us, and if we have to defeat the mind, if we have to subdue the mind, if we have to wash all our karmas .... naturally we have to take the mind within us.

And this can only happen, if we close th nine portals of our body through which the mind constantly 24/7, keeps running outside in the mayavee creation, for it knows, that it is the only way to keep trapped the jeev atma in the perishable creation, it does not want to loose its control over the soul, so it keeps pushing us against the words of Guru Jee, for it knows that, if the soul faithfully and implictly follows  Guru Jee´s instructions of  Nam Simran, the mind´s death is sure, and thus the soul will regain its freedom and return its True Home.

So when Guru Jee, tells us to only do  Nam simran or meditate on Nam, that is because they know, that by doing so, we recollet the scattered mind from the nine apertures of the body and bring it to the forehead eye center, where we oblige it to drink the Amrit of Nam, which is the only weapon to kill the mind. For there, we rub it against the Nam simran.

And the more we rub it(means more and more simran), the more we shall get purified. We must bear in mind, all our karmas are subtle and stored in the mental plane.

So unless we rub that dirty/maleen mind  of ours against Nam, how the hell can we ever get purified? 

The answer obvoiusly is : never ever.  No matter, how many million and one other things we may do.

We may bathe in the so called sacred waters, we may recite, we may fast, we may keep silent, we may do idolatry, we may go to pilgrimages, we may offer prayers to gods, goddesses, devis, devtays....etc ....etc ....etc

The thing is, by doing so, our minds, our attention, remains outside.... and as said, while Naam is within; so  good people, how can we ever get purified, if the mind never gets in touch with the Naam, by remaing outside through the senses/karam indriya, gyan indriya.

This is the reason why Guru Jee says: awar kaaj tere kitay na kaam, mil Sadh Sangat, bhaj kewal Naam. (Aath paer aradhiyeh, saas saas simroh Gobind, an din japoh Naam, oothat baethat sowat jagaat ... Naam japna only, as seen in the Bani)

Then too, Naam simran has another remakable benefit. For as we know through Anand Sahib, Guru Jee says: Naam jiskay man vaseeya, vajeh Shabad ganere.

This means, when we establish the simran of Nam in our chits, our minds, we get purified, thus our spiritual eyes are opened to see the  akhoot Jot of Waheguru, and  the wax of our sins is removed  and we start hearing the  Gobind gajaay Shabad vaajeh,  Dhun or Naad.

That is why Guru Jee stresses the importance of Naam simran alone above any other practices; for it is Naam simran alone, which purifies us from all our sins, liberates us from the clutches of mind/maya/kaal, and reunites us with Waheguru Akal purukh, our Origin.

It does not matter at all, if we feel we are doing something or not by engaging ourselves in Naam simran, or that our mind keeps distracting us with one thing or other....nothing at al matters much, for the amount of our karmic filth to be washed is limitless. It does not even count that if we were absorbed in Naam simran all the 24/7, for even then, that would not be suffice to get us cleansed from all our karmas.

So in the  end, when  Waheguru sees even those our poor attempts to get nearer to Him by faithfully following His hukum as per means of Bhakti, He get so much razee, so much pleased, that He Himself comes and pulls us out, without we being even consciouss of it. By engaging ourselves in His simran, we are giving Him an excuse to shower us with His daya meher, His bakshish....

That is the beant wadeeayee of our beloved Waheguru Akal Purukh. 

Stay blessed.

Sat Sree Akal.

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1 hour ago, harsharan000 said:


Found another  aerial 4K  very  beautiful  video: 



Waheguru Dhan Guru Ramdas Ji.  Veer ji if you want me to download any videos from youtube and upload them on this site as a mp4 let me know as i have got a app that lets me convert and share. 


I usually make a back up in case youtube deletes them or other sites.

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9 hours ago, Soulfinder said:


Waheguru Dhan Guru Ramdas Ji.  Veer ji if you want me to download any videos from youtube and upload them on this site as a mp4 let me know as i have got a app that lets me convert and share. 


I usually make a back up in case youtube deletes them or other sites.

SSA Brother,

you may upload and download any videos you like and feel like sharing with the sangat here.


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A couple came home at midnight after having a good time at a restaurant, only to find the smell of gas around the house.

The man went to the kitchen and detected a stronger smell. The subconscious mind pushed him to turn on the light. and the kitchen exploded, the husband died instantly and the wife was moved to intensive care where she still remains.

The furniture was seen 200 metres from the house, which meant that the gas pipe explosion was stronger than a bomb.

The lesson from this appalling incident is as follows:

When you smell the gas do not turn on the light, but open all the doors and windows calmly, so that no spark occurs, then close the gas tube and do not turn on the light until the smell of gas completely disappears.

Also do not open the refrigerator if you smell the gas, because it also causes an explosion, and even the suction fan do not switch it on because it has an electrical charge, just open the windows.

You should not read this letter alone, publish it as much as you can,  so it may  be helpful to  as many people  as possible.


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Following is one of the best  articles I have ever come through, which I would like to share with the Sangat here, hope you enjoy:


A wise man was sitting in his study room and reading literature.

He was mesmerized by the beauty of writing, and was literally feeling the book.

Suddenly, a young guy, in his late twenties arrived along with his father. He had recently lost his mother and was in deep agony and couldn't get over the loss. His father brought him to the wise man.

Even after noticing them and exchanging greetings, the wise man kept reading for a while.

After he completed the chapter, he looked at the father and son, and asked 'So, how is life?’

The father told him everything, while his son started weeping profusely.

The wise man, handed over a tissue to the young guy and said: 'Son, did you notice what was I doing, when you arrived?’

In broken voice the guy replied: 'Sir, you were reading a book.'

‘Okay, nice. You know, why did I keep reading even though you guys were waiting?’

'I don't know' the young guy replied.

‘Because it was a beautiful chapter and I wanted to read it in one go.’

Takes a pause and speaks again-

‘Son, I want an advice from you, shall I read this chapter again and again, or move ahead, and continue reading the book further'

The young guy thought for a few seconds and said-

‘Sir, you have already read the chapter with immense interest and dedication, it has been stored in your mind now, you can remember it any time, thus you must continue reading the other chapters'

The wise man smiled and said: ‘Thank you son, I will definitely follow your advice. Would you also like to follow the advice you just gave.’

‘I didn't get you Sir?’ The young guy replied in confusion.

‘Your life is nothing but a book. Chapter after chapter, life will keep unfolding itself, neither the most beautiful chapters will stay forever, nor the tough ones. You read a beautiful and long chapter in your mother. It was full of love, care, and selflessness, and now it has come to an end, you must end it graciously and keep it's memories alive, and move ahead with the book. If you get stuck here, you will ruin the spirit of the book of your life.’

The guy kept looking at the wise man with tears in his eyes for a while.

Wise man continued speaking: ‘I assure you that till you keep your mother alive in your memories, she would never die.’

The young guy nodded his head, as the wise man’s words created a huge impact on him.

Soon he got over with the immense grief of losing his mother, and remembered her wonderful memories.

The bookish advice which can do wonders to your thoughts us-

‘Every good thing in life shall come to an end one day or the other, we must cherish memories and move ahead in life, instead of prolonging the grief and staying in a state of disbelief.’

This advice can work for the smallest of things to the biggest of losses.

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Reason is powerless  in the expression of love


If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished ?


Remember God so much that you are forgotten

let the caller and called dissapear

be lost in the call (bhakti).


They are chosen ones

who have surrendered.

*Note : this means, only the wadhbagee surrender themselves to Him, by living in His bhaana.


Jalaludheen Rumi

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naanak sabh kichh naavai kai vas hai poorai bhaag ko paa-ee.
O Nanak, everything is under the influence of the Naam; by perfect good destiny, a few obtain it.


gurmatee ghat chaannaa naam ant sakhaa-ee.
Through the Guru's Teachings, the heart is illuminated, and in the end, only the Naam shall be your companion


bin naavai ko-ay na mannee-ai manmukh pat gavaa-ee.
Without the Naam, no one is accepted(means, witout Nam one can not approach Wahiguru Akal Purukh, such is His will)

jam pur baaDhay maaree-ah birthaa janam gavaa-ee.
and In the City of Death, they are tied down and beaten, and they lose their lives in vain.

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ANSWER :It is because the soul´s journey is much longer than one lifetime.


For example — I the soul playing the part wearing this bodily costume — develop a habit of self criticism. This sanskar leaves a deep imprint on me. Now when I leave this body and

take another one I will carry along this sanskar of self criticism with me.

No doubt others influence us, but we influence ourselves the most. That's why we cannot blame others for how we are feeling.

Whenever someone gives me 'criticism' or 'appreciation' I get a result only when I use it.

His role was only limited to giving me that 'gift'. The way the gift is used and the result it brings are not in his control. That power lies completely with me.

So let's put a full stop to whatever others have said in the past or are saying today.

My energy is my own creation and I have the power to create my thoughts irrespective of what I receive from outside.

The power lies only with ME. Always remember the thoughts I create are completely independent of the influence of the OUTER WORLD.

The remote control of my mind needs to be only in my hands. This is something that I need to remind myself each day, because it is very easy easy to succumb to BLAMING OTHERS.

Blaming others means holding people or situations responsible for how we are feeling.

COMPLAINING means means finding fault with everything and everyone.

We consider it normal and continue complaining without realizing the impact it is having on us.

There is a vast difference in COMPLAINING and having a CONCERN.

We need to understand this very clearly, COMPLAINING depletes our energy, and many of the times we are complaining about things that are not in our CONTROL.

COMPLAINING means focusing on the problem, and CONCERN is focusing on the solution.

We need to start RE-Programming our mind AS ONLY , WE ARE RESPONSIBLE  FOR OUR LIFE 

Blaming makes no sense. 

Stay blessed. 

Best wishes 


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