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Stay healthy in isolation


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12 hours ago, samurai2 said:

Watch "The PERFECT Home Workout (Sets and Reps Included)" on YouTube


This is for beginners and intermediate level. 

Its not about being muscular and looking the part, but just being healthy in general.

There's also other simple methods such as star jumps, jogging on the spot, walking up and down stairs. 

We don't have to be fitness freaks but a little exercise here and there will go a long way. 

Even though we have our unique biological bodies it will be interesting to know what people eat, how much and how often. 




Good stuff!

for now I am sticking to push-ups and squats, 100 reps of each everyday, aiming to increase it slowly. 

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3 hours ago, samurai2 said:

For those struggling on chonkra, i would highly recommend lower back, glutes, hamstring and hip stretches

this is a solid advice, i can say from experience!!  especially glutes strengthening with glute bridges help so much for sitting long periods of time. 

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