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Shabad Hazaare

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2 hours ago, Guru_Ka_Daas said:

Shri Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Shri Waheguru Ji De Fateh!!!

SadSangth ji, please help me understand what are the total Nitnem Banis one can recite in mornings in total and evening for extras? Also, Shabad Hazaare, what time should this shabad be recited, please guide anyone.

Wjkk wjkf veer ji. Dass usually reads panj banis nitnem banis any time i usually like whether its morning or evening depending on my mood. I do know that sri rehras sahib can be done before 11pm as i heard in katha. There is no limit as dass has had experience with the number of banis to do if you wish to do more than panj banis is fine as its good to make connection with guru sahib ji.

 In regards to shabad hazare dass has never read it as its usually best to do the paath at amritvela or before 10am i think can be done.

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Shabad Hazaare are the shabads - the letters of love written by Guru Arjan Dev ji when he was sent away by Guru Ramdas Sahib to a relative's wedding and ordered not to return unless called. They depict the utmost love and " tarap" he had for His 'Guru Pita' - it is also said that a single shabad of this bani is equivalent to hazaar Jaap of a mantra - THE POWER OF LOVE - so one path is equal to recital of whole Guru Granth Sahib Ji......stories apart.

. if you feel the love in each shabad - you read it once and those shabads just don't leave you the whole day - they keep on wandering inside your head all the time and what's better than singing Mera Mann loche Gur Darsan taayi, bilap kare chatrik ki nyaayi...

Meherwaan Sahib Mera meherwaan..

Mere Laal jiyo tera ant naa jaana...

Mann mander tann ves kalander ghat hi teerath naava .. sahibaaa

you just fall in love as you read them and instill them inside you. I read them as I am reminded of them .. all the time. Anytime.

BTW ... This Bani is the part of morning nitnem in Nanaksar maryaada. 

Happy chanting




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