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Logically , sangat should keep traditions those are needed

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SSA penjee Dayalkaur and all sangat.

This my present post is in response to the posts of member  @Jageera  a couple of weeks ago in a thread created by  sister Dayalkaur and which is now deleted.

Jageera Jee, since I joined SA last year, I have being following your posts, and I do have a good imprsession of you, but, the other day you dissapointed me, not only because of your nasty foul language used to insult some members, but somehow the wires in your brain got messed up and had a shortcircuit, which made you lose your temper and mental balance.

Before calling snakes anybody and trying to beat anyone, kill the snakes of your ego and krodh from you, remove your mask of fanatism, and and become a good human being, thus a good sikh.

Whatever you said about me, was totally incorrect. 

First of all, for me only Guru Jee is the True Guru. As the Bani says: Satgur bajoh hor kachee hae Bani.

So I don´t go looking or searching for anything or anyone else.

If by chance anything appears before me, I try to see how it is said and the context in which it is said, and if only it matches with Gurbani, and inspires me to increase my love and faith in Guru Jee, then only I apreciate it, be it a namdhari, a sikh, a hindu or christian or be it anybody... I do not see who says it, but what is said and if it matches with Gurbani, or as said before, and if it inspires me to strengthen my faith in Guru Jee.

Did you notice I never ever said to anybdoy to accept that guy or any other one as guru and bow down, rather to listen and see by ourselves in order to be entitled to have  a sound judgement by our own reasoning.

If it inspires us, ok, if not discard it and leave it, and if it is anything against Gurbani, report it, condemm it by reasoning and prove it, not just with deaf ears.

Frankly speaking, until that day, I am in my late thirties and until then I had never ever read or heard any thing by that namdhari guy, but the title of the thread started by sister Dayalkaur called my attention, so I said myself to hear what is being said in it, and as I found it satisfactory, for it inspired me to deepen my love for Guru Jee.

I usually stick to the topic, and that particular statement which maybe short or long, but, it should be in the direction of Gurbani, apart from that, what others do in their lives, or have done matters me not much, but only what is said at that particular moment, in that particular statement.

So please next time before just insulting and losing temper, see exactly what is said, don´t go beyond it those limits. For nowhere, I said anyone directly or indirectly to follow that guy.

I just liked that short video, because it was about loving Guru Jee, and that is most important. 

Now, if as per you message, that fellow has murdered or not, or what has done, it is relatively important, for it has nothing to do with me, or for my love for Guru Jee, in the end, sikhs or not sikhs, all have to heavily pay for their misdeeds/karmas.

So brother Jageera, chill down, for it easy to start a war of insults, but I do not want to fall at your level and become restless or mad, which is also a disrespect for the sangat here as well as for the visitors to this website of SA.

Being a sikh has to do more to control one´s tongue and mind, and be less judgental needlessly, for no one is free from faults, or do you really think that just by being sikhs in appearance/attire, we will be free from evil. 

If that was the case, why is it that in our community we are not free from robbers, paedophiles, smugglers, drugaddicts, alcoholics and so on...

Many a times, I am grateful to Waheguru for being a sikh, for as said in the Bani, when He wants to bring back some souls, He puts them on the path as per Gurbani, and to the rest of the creatures He keeps them entagled in "koor".

So brother Jageera, if He in His wisdom wants to keep someone away from Himself, what can a poor jeev atma do? 

Or do you think, you are a sikh by your own decisions? 

It was He, who put you in a particular place and family where you took birth, and by His grace you are into sikhee howsoever, so brother who can go against His hukum?

That too when He has decided so?

If you are so convinced about your faith, try and go convince a hindu, a christian or a muslim that sikhee is the only path....  and see how they respond you.

It is not in any man´s hands, to change or convince someone to be on the right path, it is all His grace.

So rather cursing others, is it not better to pray Him to bless all others as He has blessed us, and make them know and believe the truth of Gurbani.

The main thing is, how faithful and strong is our love in Guru Jee and be fearless, others may try to convince us or convert us, but we should firmly and respectfully tell them to leave our way, in order to avoid hatred, controversies and thus fanatism which means utter madness.

The creation has to continue until He wishes so, for that, there has to be many religions, fake gurus, liars, and so on.... if all understood the truth in a simple way and accept it, all would be on Sikhee, and the creation will come to and end, for all will return and merge in Him easily, but unfortunately that is not the case.

We are all tourists /guests in His creation, which exists before our coming, and will continue to exist and run its due course, so our job is not to interfere in the mangement of the creation, for it is absolutely not in our hands, rather why not focus on ourselves to follow and try to better understand Gurbani, and mould our lives accirdingly, for in the end what counts in His darbar, are the "karam" each one of us have incurred into, and the amount of kamaee of that Truth known as Satnam or Waheguru, rest is all "koor"


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