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40-Day Amrit Vela motivational - Starting Oct. 01

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On 9/24/2021 at 2:21 AM, sevak said:

I would like to invite everyone to join this Amrit Vela Motivational group on Telegram -  Those having difficulties, those wanting to wake up, but cant and those who already have a routine setup, those who like to motivate others and those trying to establish consistent timings. 

Please join this group https://t.me/joinchat/BLA_8V09CE82MDZh

Amrit Vela is the secret weapon against KalYug. You need Telegram App to join this group. 

You need telegram app on your phone. Its a motivational group to get people to wake up at Amrit Vela.

The group is now organizing a 40 - Day Amrit Vela challenge. The goal of this 40-day target is to help sangat get together and work towards keeping amrit vela for the next 40 days starting (Friday) Oct 01. The collective goal will serve as a motivation, especially those struggling to keep amrit vela and / or those working to establish consistent times. To sign-up for this amrit vela challenge, all you need is google sheet apps and fill out your name and put an 'x' under the time you woke up. The link to the google sheet is here  : 40 Day Amrit Vela Challenge - Google Sheets

iPhone / Android / Google phone should all work. You can join the 40-day challenge without joining the telegram group if you dont want to. 



Thanks for sharing veer ji

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56 minutes ago, Kaur10 said:

Just noticed that the dates are wrong on the spreadsheet, it shows from Oct 1 to Nov 9.  It should be from Nov 1 to Dec10.

The spreadsheet was for the first amrit vela challenge which ran from Oct 01 and will end of Nov. 9. 
With the second amrit vela challenge, I decided to forego the spreadsheet, as some ppl reluctant to use sheet. Just a commitment on the poll Q, that you commit to observing amrit vela for next 40 days, if any day missed, the next day will be an extra Jap Ji Sahib path. 

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