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Going outside body

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2 hours ago, sevak said:

Im aware of Lucid dreaming. Would want to know how common this is.

Open to anyone. Not very common per se without focusing on being aware of being awake or asleep, and working on dream recollection. 

Most people don't realize they are dreaming. 

Don't realize they have control. 

And if they do, forget they did it. 

The book has a lot more info than the title alone. 

He runs lucidity institute. They might have resources online. 

It's slightly different if you intend to enter this stage from dreaming or awake. If you maintain awareness through the whole process it's called a wake initiated lucid dream. 

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7 minutes ago, sevak said:


The easiest trick they have is called state checking and what you do is during the day habitually as you are awake you see if you can read things more than one time and if you can read it twice successfully you're awake things like clocks or books posters and because you've habituated yourself while you're awake to keep asking yourself if you're dreaming or awake then when you're dreaming you naturally habitually ask yourself the same question only when you're dreaming and you go to read the poster twice or read the clock twice you have an opportunity to notice that the letters or numbers are shifting and are not permanent and in that moment you can achieve lucidity that's a dream initiated lucid dream.

Easiest trick to recollect your dreams is to keep a dream journal where every time you wake up you immediately write down your dreams because in the first few seconds you're awake you still have access to dreams that moments later you will have forgotten and in this practice of keeping a journal as you wake up during the night or in the morning it brings your focus and attention to remembering your dreams so not only will you be able to go back and read your journal dreams that you actually forgot about but you will remember dreams more frequently just because of this habit.

The wake initiated lucid dream is a little bit harder because you have to maintain consciousness through meditation as you fall asleep but you can't fall asleep you have to allow your body to fall asleep but keep your mind conscious while it goes through the hypnagogic imagery and different sounds and sites you see as you enter the dream world

Sorry Hanji I don't remember much about the wake itiated lucid dream process and I had to use voice to text so this is probably hard to read cuz I was in a hurry

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