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On 10/17/2021 at 5:15 PM, sevak said:

See below

That was a joke bro. I have a problem with everything sikhnet. Except their cyber hukamnama that I have to dodge multiple requests for money to use. I wrote them, called them repeatedly, about Jaggi. Nothing. All that money, all that visibility nothing bro. I already had a bad vibe, that sealed it, and now that I know more about Gurmat I see just how appropriated and insincere that site is. I suggest the Sangat boycott it. If they have anything worth downloading grab it, and don't go back, except for cyber hukam maybe. My suggestion. 

With the exception of Hukamnama, I've been boycotting them and speaking about them, as long as Jaggi has been arbitrairily detained against all ideas of law, order, or human decency. 

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We need to dry up 100 percent of our charitable donations and Daswandh and really reconsider where it goes. 

Sikhnet, uk cultists, and 3ho can all go. 

Plauguing Sikhi worlwide and in the us, uk, and canada respectively. 

What's their australian branch lol?

There should have been a counter and a banner to free Jaggi this whole time on Sikhnet. Not a million requests for cash, smiling, all smug looking, ignoring Jaggis pain bro. 

Where's all that money going? Anybody ever seen their books? It's not legit. We're literally paying the enemy to wear Saroop. We're being retarded. We need to be more assertive and proprietary about Sikhi. People want to claim Sikh they need to represent for real. We don't need leeches. 

Is sikhnet mainly a bunch of naive, flimsy, hippe whatever converts. As followers? Sure. That don't know they're learning sikhism and contibuting to the dilution of real Sikhi? Sure. The root is rotten though. 

Only Sikhs quote un quote a masonic friend of mine seemed familiar with was 3ho. Kinda weird. How you know about that and not actual Sikhi? In what part of secretly worshipping satan in the masonic lodge did 3ho come up? 

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Random addendum. Any amount of Sikhi or Aiki I do within the community, masons will be excluded from. All fraternal orders secret societies. Uninvited. 

Law enforecent. Uninvited. 

Military? Prior with no affiliations. Active by way of moral exemption. Only. 

Considering we know it's Kalyug. Considering we know the nature of Dharam attacked by Adharam. Considering we have Dasam Granth. It is dumb of us to be friends with everybody. And think we can just associate with anybody. Gurmat clearly focuses us into Sangat with only worthy people. And that Sangat leads the world. These friends or whatever are free to follow our lead. 

Oh. Scientologists. Uninvited. 


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