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Effect of People on Concentration

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52 minutes ago, paapiman said:



Bhul chuk maaf

It's a tried and true method, it was in fact the primary method in Satyug. When people lived what a 100,000 years? And given 100,000 years to concentrate yourself, very few were saved. Which is why in Kalyug, only Naam can save us.  The primary methods of the previous three Yughs, produce little results for them even given their longevity, while we can benefit from these practices done in small batches for small benefit they will not provide what we are looking for. 

Or can build them into our patterns as we go. One would have to devote many Kalyug lifes to those practices to achieve their end result. 

The benefits of the Kalyug are, it's brutal suffering, the presence of Nehkalank and their gift of the Full True Dharam, and the door that leads to Sachakand is here. If we aren't playing to these filed advantages in Kalyug we're retarded, as in slow, as in living in a previous Yugh, conceptually, out of sync. 

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