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Done a section full of bulls***


Sikh Youth UK

"[T]here has been a "cultural change” where young British-born Sikhs are attracted by fundamentalism...They stick together and they want their own societies which exclude other groups. They are different to their parents – the first generation immigrants – who wanted to integrate. They want the religion to remain ‘pure’. They have been born in Britain, have had a British education yet they don’t believe in democracy and free will...It has staggered some of the older generation. They are shunning the moderate way...This is a whole new breed of Sikhs".
Mota Singh, Sikh Councillor and former-Mayor of Leamington Spa (The Guardian; 2016)[1]
Sikh Youth UK (SYUK) logo. They have been condemned by prominent researchers such as Katy P. Sian (a Sikh female professor), Ella Cockbain,[2] Waqas Tufail,[2] Sunny Hundal (brother of the late Sikh preacher Jagraj Singh) and the anti-hate organisation, Resisting Hate.[3]
  • Sikh Youth UK (SYUK; formerly Sikh Youth Birmingham) are a radical Sikh religious group in the United Kingdom who regularly engage in extremism both within and outside of their community (going as far as having threatened the British police directly several times; having even declared the West Midlands Police (WMP) "banned from Sikh spaces"[4]) and are considered a hate group by numerous researchers.[3][5] The group is well-known for spreading fears about Muslims sexually exploiting Sikhs girls (despite the accusations never having proven true—see evidence under reports section).
    • Women within the Sikh community have complained that the organisation is trying to control the associations and movements of Sikh females, particularly in regards with their associations with Muslim men under the guise of fighting "grooming";[n. 1][n. 2]—hampering integration—but actually do nothing when it comes to Sikh-on-Sikh grooming and sexual abuse, which forms around 90% of the sexual exploitation within Sikh communities.[6][n. 3]
  • SYUK are also known for launching raids against interfaith couples at their weddings in gurdwaras.[7] They mainly target and attack Sikh women who want to marry outside of the faith, but are known to do nothing when it comes to Sikh men marrying outside theirs.[8] Critics of Sikh background have also noted how SYUK routinely treat Sikh females as commodities in their propaganda materials (freely espousing extremism on university campuses and gurdwaras, particularly against Muslim men), often ignoring the outright rampant sexual abuse and rape that occurs within the Sikh community itself.
    • According to more reliable Sikh activists, 90% of the sexual exploitation that occurs against Sikh females comes from other Sikhs, with only 10% occurring from all other forms of grooming[6][n. 4] (it should be noted that not a single case of Muslim grooming has ever been found, aside from one case where a gang exploited a 16 year old girl;[9] but almost half of the group were actually Hindu[9]). Not a single other case has ever proven true.

Working Title: Sikh Youth UK | Original Publisher: Materia Islamica | Publication Date: August 23rd, 2021 | Written by: Canadian786 | Artricle No. 98.

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